Launched in 2014, the Tenth Decade Project is a ten-year initiative that aims to focus attention on and celebrate the centennial of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in 2024. Grant funding associated with the Tenth Decade Project operationalizes a defined goal of the Maxwell Academic Strategic Plan to “promote research involving faculty on innovative, high impact projects, applying social science methods and data analysis to address grand, global challenges such as democracy and civic engagement, inequality, urban poverty and development, governance and security, environmental change, and health policy.”

Active Funding Opportunities

Multidisciplinary Discovery

Funding: $5,000 to $25,000

Deadline: Rolling

A central theme of the Maxwell Academic Strategic Plan is multidisciplinary discovery. Thus, the funds associated with this Call for Proposals will support multidisciplinary research collaboration around themes identified in the strategic plan: citizenship, policy, and international affairs, including issues of security, technology and autonomous systems, health, governance, cities, inequality, development, and environment and sustainability. Applications are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis. Click on the image below for full details. 

Closed Funding Opportunities 

Confronting Systemic Racial Inequality 

Funding: $5,000 to $20,000

Deadline: April 30, 2021 (extended from September 30, 2020)

As part of Maxwell’s commitment to making our school, our university, and our communities more inclusive and just for all, this Special Call for Proposals invites research projects that bring attention to systemic racial inequality and offer evidence-based solutions for how to address persistent inequities. Click on the image below for full details. 

Tenth Decade Project News

09/21/20: Jackson wins Tenth Decade grant to study Black Americans, group threat

10/02/19: Tenth Decade Fund supports new scholarly projects


Onondaga Elders Oral History Project: A Documentary Film on Onondaga Traditional Knowledge Transmission

      Aaron Luedtke, History; Heather Law Pezzarossi, Anthropology

     December 2022 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Why do Russians Love the Ruble? The Impact of Sanctions, Capital Controls, and Nationalism

     Daniel McDowell, Political Science

     May 2023 | Multidisciplinary Discovery

Listen to the Elders: Modeling Reciprocal Knowledges with Onondaga Nation

     Aaron Luedtke, History; Heather Law Pezzarossi, Anthropology

     December 2022 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Disability Health Research Equity Network

     Scott Landes, Sociology

     December 2022 | Multidisciplinary Discovery

Race, Risks, and Responses: Mapping Black Americans’ Responses to Group Threat

     Jenn M. Jackson, Political Science

     July 2020 | Confronting Systemic Racial Inequality 

Moonlighting Politicians: Causes, Consequences, and Implications

     Simon Weschle, Political Science

     March 2020 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Graduate Student Workshop: Religion, Law, and Politics in the Middle East

     Yüksel Sezgin,  Political Science

     October 2019 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Challenges to Sovereignty, Order, and Conflict: Multidisciplinary Working Group

     Ryan Griffiths, Political Science 

     August 2019 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

The Impact of State Laws and Policies on the Developmental Disability Mortality Disadvantage: Creating a Comprehensive Database to Allow for Multi-Level Analysis

     Scott Landes, Sociology

     August 2019 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

The United States and the World Workshop Series

     Osamah Khalil, History

     August 2019 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Citizenship across Borders: An International Conference

     Carol Faulkner, History

     August 2019 | Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Citizenship in America Survey 

     Shana Gadarian, Political Science 

     August 2015 | Inaugural Initiatives 

Climate Change and Citizenship Project 

     Farhana Sultana, Geography 

     August 2015 | Inaugural Initiatives 

Free Speech Repository

     Thomas Keck, Political Science 

     August 2015 | Inaugural Initiatives 

Maxwell Citizenship Initiative 

     Prema Kurien, Sociology 

     August 2015 | Inaugural Initiatives 

Work, Labor, and Citizenship Initiative 

     Gretchen Purser, Sociology 

     August 2015 | Inaugural Initiatives 

Tenth Decade Fund supports new scholarly projects

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