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AirOrangeGuest Access Instructions

A guide to connecting to AirOrangeGuest Network

Table of Contents


This document describes how to connect to the AirOrangeGuest wireless access. Faculty, staff, and students should use AirOrangeX. 
Parents, alumni, and guests of the university are welcome to use AirOrangeGuest.




Note that AirOrangeGuest is not a secured or encrypted network.  Use at your own risk.

Self-Sponsored Account




A text capable cell phone is required for self-sponsoring. If you do not have access to a text capable cell phone you will need to get sponsored by an SU staff/student or faculty.


  • Connect to the AirOrangeGuest network.

  • If the main page below doesn't automatically appear, open up a browser window and it should be redirected to the page below. Self-sponsored access lasts for one week.
  • Click on Self-sponsored Guest Account Creation.


  • Enter the phone number that will receive the text containing the guest account information (enter it two times).  Enter only the digits in the phone number (do not use any special characters) and then click Proceed.


  • A window will appear confirming the phone number entered.  Click the continue button.


You will be taken back to the main page for AirOrangeGuest.  Your guest account information will be texted to the phone number provided (usually within 5 minutes). 


  • On the main page, use your phone number as the Login name (Guest ID) and enter the password sent in the text into the password box.  Now click on Login. 


Your browser will be redirected to the home page of the SU web site when you are connected to AirOrangeGuest.  You will have access for 1 week. 


Sponsored AirOrangeGuest Account


  • Go to http://airorangeguest.syr.edu (you can do this from a wired or wireless connection, but you must be on a network other than AirOrangeGuest).

  • Click on Create Guest Account on the upper left side (highlighted in above screen-shot) to view the Wireless Guest Account Creation page.
  • Enter the information needed.

SU Sponsor's netid: Enter Sponsor's netid

SU Sponsor Password: Enter sponsor's netid password.

Email address or 10-digit Cell Phone Number: Enter a phone number for text message OR Enter Email address.  Do not use any special characters in a phone number (only numbers).

New Password: Enter the password for the guest account

Re-Enter New Password: Confirm the new password by entering again.

  • Click on Proceed.

  • Confirm the email address or phone number entered and the password created for the guest account.  Then click on "Continue."  

The phone number or email address that you entered will receive a message confirming that the guest account is now active (usually within 5 minutes).  The guest account will remain active for two weeks. 

 To connect to AirOrangeGuest using this account, select AirOrangeGuest as the wireless network on the computer that will be accessing AirOrangeGuest.

Open a browser window, and it should bring up the main AirOrangeGuest page shown below.  Login using the email address or phone number as the login name.  Use the guest password sent in the message as the password.  Then click on Log in.

You should now be able to access the internet using the AirOrangeGuest network.