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To connect a Mac to AirOrangeX, you must register the computer on the network by going to AirOrangeHelp first.  (Note:  If the Mac is brand new and doesn't have Java installed, you will go through a slightly different process.  See Apple - Connecting a Mac to AirOrangeX).  These instructions apply to the Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks Mac operating systems.


  1. You can access wireless networks by clicking on the wireless icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    Mac Wireless Icon Titlebar

  2. Connect to the AirOrangeHelp wireless network.

  3. Open a browser window (use Safari) and navigate to  Once you get to the AirOrangeHelp web page, click on the "SU students, faculty and staff" link.
    AirOrangeHelp Home Page

  4. The Mac OS X Lion section will automatically appear on the next screen.  Click on the link to load XpressConnect (this tool will be used to register the computer).
    Mac OS Lion Xpress Connect

  5. You will be prompted that “” is trying to access the computer.  Be sure to click on “Allow” (the default is “Deny” so do not just select the default).
    AirOrangeHelp allow applet

  6. Enter your netid and password at the next screen.  
    AirOrangeHelp Authentication, Enter Netid and Password

  7. You may be prompted more than once to enter the credentials of a local admin account to allow changes to be made to the Mac.
    AirOrangeHelp several requests to allow changes to the Mac

  8. You may see a screen appear for a few seconds that says you are being redirected.  When the redirection is complete, you will see the “IT’S Connected” landing page.
    IT's Connected confirmation page

  9. At this point, you should review the information in the Steps 1-3 section in the middle block of the page to complete the registration process.  Then you are done!
    1-2-3 Complete registration page