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Simple Steps for Registering Your Computer on AirOrangeX

  1. Select AirOrangeHelp from the list of wireless networks.
  2. Open a browser and go to
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the AirOrangeHelp registration process.
  4. If you are not connected automatically to AOX when the process is complete, select AirOrangeX from the list of wireless networks.

Device-Specific Information

Can't find device-specific information? Try connecting directly to AirOrangeX wireless network using these settings if prompted.

Can't Connect?

If your device is not seeing any of the SU wireless networks, or you simply can't connect to AirOrangeX/AirOrangeHelp, you may be having software or hardware related issues with the device. We recommend contacting the ITS Service Center for further assistance.

If the device will not complete the authentication step, please have the student verify their credentials on our NetID self-service page.

Be sure the date and time are correctly configured. It is located in the settings app under the "General Tab". You'll see a "Date and time" section.