Students who live in Syracuse University residential facilities on North and South campuses can connect to the Internet either through SU's wired (Ethernet) network or through the wireless AirOrangeX network. Once connected, students can:

  • Send and receive e-mail
  • Use Instant Messenger
  • Access the SU Web site and SU Web-based services, such as MySlice and Blackboard
  • Access the World Wide Web
  • Participate in the online gaming community
  • Access personal Web pages and files stored on the SU network
  • Connect to SU Library resources

Network routers

To better accommodate the varied devices students connect to the wired (Ethernet) network in residence halls (i.e. personal computers, gaming consoles, voice-over-Internet devices, and TiVo), ITS has approved the use of personal network routers in student rooms (sometimes called "broadband routers or "cable/DSL routers"). Routers must not have wireless capability (i.e. Apple Airports are not allowed) because wireless devices disrupt the SU network (wired and wireless). Information about purchasing and installing a router is available on the router web page.

Self-installed wireless access points

The University's AirOrangeX wireless network is available in all residential facilities. Installing commercially available wireless network access points in the residence halls is strictly prohibited. Installation of these devices will disrupt the SU network (wired and wireless) and result in a student's network port being disabled.
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