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Devices Allowed on SU's secure Wireless Network (AirOrangeX)

Computers and mobile devices must be registered through the AirOrangeHelp registration process to access the SU Network.  Wireless capable gaming consoles, smart TV's and other smart devices should register automatically when connected to the Gadgets&Games network.  A small number of devices must connect using the wired network or are not allowed on any SU Network.  Refer to the table below to determine on which network you can use your device and how to register it. 


 Users are strongly cautioned not to connect computers or mobile devices on SU's Gadgets&Games wireless network as it is not a secure network.


Computer operating systems that are supported on the SU network include Windows 8.1 thru Windows 10, and Macintosh OSX version 10.8 (Mt Lion) or higher.  Other operating systems such as Linux may work but are not supported by ITS.

For instructions and tips on registering your computer on AirOrangeX (SU's wireless network) click here:  AirOrangeX Help.

Smartphones, Tablets, and iPod/iTouch

You can use your iPhone, Android device, Google Chrome book, Microsoft Surface or Windows RT tablet, Blackberry, iPad, iPod, and iTouch on AirOrangeX.  You can register these devices using the AirOrangeHelp registration process.  See:  AirOrangeX Help.


You can register your Kindle Fire on AirOrangeX using the following instructions:  Connecting a Kindle Fire to AOX


Most wireless printers will not work Syracuse University’s network because they were designed for smaller or less secure home networks.  Some Wi-Fi printers may also cause problems for the network.  We recommend a Bluetooth wireless connection or USB cable to connect your printer to your computer instead.

Devices Not Allowed on SU's Secure Wireless Network (AirOrangeX)

Devices that are not allowed on AirOrangeX can connect to the wired network or the wireless Gadgets&Games network without any registration required.    Devices connected to Gadgets&Games will not be able to interact with campus resources such as Blackboard or Myslice.  Gadgets&Games is only available in the residence halls and should not be used on any device capable of registering and connecting to the secure wireless network AirOrangeX.  

Please reference the table below for connecting your Smart TV or streaming device.



Amazon Echo and Echo Dotuse on Gadgets&Games or SU's wired network

Apple Time Capsule (wireless must be disabled)

use on SU's wired network


use on Gadgets&Games or SU's wired network

Game Consoles (PS3, Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360, PS2)

use on Gadgets&Games or SU's wired network

Google Home/MIni* or TV

use on Gadgets&Games* or SU's wired network

Google ChromeCastNot supported on any SU network

Other network-enabled TVs

use on Gadgets&Games or SU's wired network


use on Gadgets&Games or SU's wired network


use on SU's wired network


use on SU's wired network

WiFi Wireless printers (Bluetooth printers are ok)

use USB cable to connect directly to device

Other non-Web-enabled devices such as VOIP devices

use on SU's wired network

Wii Adapter

Students will need to purchase a Wii LAN adapter if they wish to put a Wii on the wired network. Wii adapters are available for purchase at the SU Bookstore.

Devices not allowed on SU's Network (wired or wireless)

  • Airports
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Routers

  • Computers as an Access Point.
  • MiFi
  • Mobile Hotspots
  • Kingston Wi-Drive
  • Lighting Controllers
  • Range Extenders
  • Smart Home Devices

These devices can cause problems on campus networks for other users.

Special Instructions for LG070 phone (MyLGnet)

The Korean LG070 phone must be specially configured and used only on SU's AirOrangeGuest network: Configure Korean LG070 for AirOrangeGuest

SU Wireless Network Policy

This page gives you a detailed information about the Syracuse University Wireless Network Policy.
SU Policy