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VPN for OSX 10.6 or Later

Configure L2TP VPN connection for OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard thru 10.12 Sierra.

Setting Up a VPN Connection on OSX 10.6 or later

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet. For AoX configuration, follow the steps here: https://answers.syr.edu/x/igGNAQ
  2. Download the VPN connection tool. Click Here to Download.
  3. Enter your NetID and password to begin the download.
  4. Select the VPN Setup file in your browser's downloads area or search for VPN_Setup.dmg in your spotlight area and select the file.
  5. Scroll down once the window opens and select the "resources" folder. Note: The blue box with the "S" is not clickable.
  6. Once inside the resources folder, open the "SUVPNconfig.internetconnect" file.
  7. Under Account Name, enter your NetID and click "Connect".
    (You may be required to Apply Changes before continuing)
  8. Enter your NetID and password.
  9. You should now be connected to the VPN.

Connecting to a Network Drive

To connect remotely to your network drive, please follow the instructions found here: Connecting Remotely to a Network Drive on OSX 10.6 or Newer

Wireless Printing

For instructions on printing wirelessly with your Mac, please follow the instructions found here: Wireless Printing for Mac OSX


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