Wireless Network Standards

The wireless Ethernet airspace is a critical Syracuse University resource that is managed centrally by Information Technology and Services (ITS) to ensure a high quality and secure wireless network that interacts optimally with the wired network. The wireless network should be thought of as an extension of the wired network. The policies set forth in the SU Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy apply to both the wireless and wired networks, however, there are additional concerns in the wireless environment. Intrusion and eavesdropping are accomplished much easier on wireless networks, and clients should be aware of the inherent security risks associated with wireless networks. Centralized management enables the adoption of new technologies to enhance wireless network performance and security.


  • ITS will install, configure and maintain all wireless access points that connect to the University's computer network.
  • SU network security policies and standards will be strictly enforced across the wireless network.
  • Before installation, ITS consultants will complete a site survey that will be used to design the optimal wireless network configuration for the space.
  • Wireless network hardware will meet all applicable regulatory agency standards and will be installed to minimize radio frequency interference.
  • ITS will document the wireless network configuration to enable network managers to track the use of the radio spectrum.
  • Wireless devices, such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz portable phones and devices using competing wireless technologies (some Bluetooth versions), that cause interference and disconnections on the University's wireless network must be avoided.
  • The CIO reserves the right to disable any access point or wireless devices that have not been installed, configured or approved by ITS.
  • For further information about installing the wireless network in schools, colleges and departments, e-mail ITS at help@syr.edu.

Authentication and data encryption
  • The wireless network employs 802.1x standards-based technology, which provides an encrypted connection from mobile computing devices (laptop computers, hand-held devices, smartphones) through the airwaves to the SU network.
  • The encrypted network, AirOrangeX, is available only to students, faculty, and staff who have a valid University NetID and password.
  • AirOrangeX provides the complete range of network services that are available on the University's wired network.

Authentication without data encryption
  • AirOrangeGuest provides access to many of the University's computing resources for campus guests who do not have a NetID.
  • Students, faculty, and staff create guest accounts after authenticating to the network with their NetID and password.
  • Guests then authenticate to the network using a new password created for them through the AirOrangeGuest account setup process.
  • AirOrangeGuest enables campus visitors to access the Internet, Web-based e-mail services, and connections to off-campus Virtual Private Networks. Guest account setup is required.
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