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Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook Logo

A screenshot of Outlook menu

1.OPEN: Outlook

2.SELECT: Outlook (from main top menu)

3.SELECT: Preferences

A screenshot of Outlook Preferences

4.SELECT: Account

A screenshot of Outlook Accounts

5.SELECT:  +

6.SELECT: New Account

A screenshot of page 1 of setting up your shared email

7.ENTER: Email Address of Shared Email Account (ie

8.SELECT: Continue

A screenshot of page 2 of setting up your shared email


METHOD: No Action. Defaults to Username and Password

EMAIL: No Action. Shared Email Address will auto-populate

ENTER DOMAIN\USERNAME or EMAIL: ad\netid OR (your complete email address)

ENTER: Password (your email password)

SERVER: No Action. Server field remains blank

SELECT: Add Account

10SELECT: Done