Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook Logo

Outlook Preferences

1.  OPEN: Outlook

2.  SELECT: Outlook (from main top menu)

3.  SELECT: Preferences

Outlook Preferences Menu

4.  SELECT: Accounts

New Acount Button

5.  SELECT:  +

6.  SELECT: New Account

Enter shared email screen

7.  ENTER: Email Address of Shared Email Account (ie

8.  SELECT: Continue

Office365 Screen

Sign in with other account

9.  SELECT:  Sign in with another account

Microsoft Sign In Screen

10.  DELETE: Shared Email Address (it auto-populates from previous screen)

11.  ENTER: Your own Email Address

12.  SELECT: Next

Enter Password

13.  ENTER: Your Password

14.  SELECT: Sign in

Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication

15.  APPROVE:  Using two-factor authentication method you setup for your account (notification sent as text message, phone call, Authenticator App).

Email Successfully Added

16.  SELECT: Done