If you get the error in Adobe Acrobat for Windows that your "Activation Failed", please follow the steps below.

Step 1   Open Adobe Creative Cloud App

Step 2   Click on account icon which is blue circle in upper right hand corner

Step 3   Sign out of Creative Cloud

Step 4 Click continue

Step 5   Sign into creative cloud using full email address

Step 6   You may be prompted for multifactor authentication. Use Microsoft Authenticator app is you have set it up previously or use authentication phone to approve login. At this point, you may also see that Adobe Creative Cloud has updates that need to be run. If it does, run the updates listed in the app. If not, continue to next step

Step 7   Open Adobe Acrobat

Step 8 Login to Acrobat using your full email address

Step 9   Open a PDF

Step 10 If these steps do not fix your issue, please send email to NewHelp@syr.edu for further assistance.

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