In this video we take you through the process to create two sided stapled copies from documents that are one sided.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Load the documents you want to copy into the top feeder with the content facing up and facing you.

  2. Login into the copier and select the “Copy” function on the touch screen.

  3. On the number pad, enter the number of copies you want to make.

  4. Next, on the touch screen, press “2-Sided”.

  5. Make sure the option for “1-Sided > 2-Sided” is selected.  Press “OK”.

  6. On the touch screen, press “Finishing”.

  7. On the “Finishing Screen, select “Staple” and then “Next”

  8. Then choose the staple type and position you wish to use.  Press “OK” when you are done.

  9. When you are ready, press the “Start” button to the right of the touch screen to begin the job.

The copier will make the copies accordingly.  When the job is complete, please remember to log out of the copier by pressing “Log Out” on the touch screen.

If you have any problems with the copier when you are using it, please visit 318 Newhouse 3 or call 315-443-4004 to report the problem.