All residential Newhouse students have access to equipment in the CAGE.  Access to equipment will vary by course enrollment as defined by departmental production needs.  Before students can sign out equipment, they must complete the equipment training modules that correspond with their courses in the Newhouse Blackboard organization.  

1. Activate Account 


  1. Activate your CAGE reservation system account
  2. In a web browser launch
  3. Login using your NetID and Password.  If you do not know your account information, visit the NetID Services web site
  4. Upon successful login, you will be taken to the homepage for Connect2, first time users this will contain no information.

Training is associated with activated accounts only. You must activate your account prior to completing the training module.

2.  Blackboard CAGE Organization Enrollment


  1. Enroll in the Newhouse CAGE Blackboard Organization
  2. Login to the SU Blackboard System using your NetID and Password. If you do not know your account information, visit the NetID Services web site.
  3. Once you have logged into Blackboard, from the Institution Page, scroll down to the Organizations in Blackboard section. Click on Self-Enroll in an Open Organization

  4. On the Organization Catalog page, in the organization search text box type: Newhouse CAGE - Spring 2024 and select Go.

  5. The Newhouse CAGE - Spring 2024 organization will be displayed in the search results below. Click the down arrow located to the right of the Organization ID and then click Enroll.

  6. At the Enroll in Organization screen you will be prompted to enter an Access Code.  Enter the access code: NHCAGE (all in caps, its case sensitive) in the text area provided then click Submit.

  7. An Action Successful enrollment message will appear on the screen. Click OK to access the organization.

  8. Find the department training videos and click on the course level that you need to watch the training material for. Watch all videos that you have been required to view.

Training Modules

IMPORTANT:  Regardless of the amount of  training modules you complete, you will only gain access to the equipment that aligns with the production course(s) you are enrolled in each semester.  Please only take the training modules that align with your production course(s).


If you are having issues enrolling in the CAGE organization, please email your issue to and include a screenshot of the error.