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  • I understand that I must attend the mandatory virtual pre-departure meeting on campus on October 2, 2022, at 1 p.m. (EST).
  • I understand that I must arrive in Los Angeles by Sunday evening, January 8.    
  • I understand that I must attend the mandatory Newhouse LA orientation meeting on Monday, January 9 at 9:30 a.m. (Location TBA), the Welcome Dinner, and various other mandatory events during the week.  
  • I will attend all class meetings and arrive on time.  I understand perfect attendance is expected of me. 
  • I will make every effort to attend Newhouse LA events and programs throughout the semester.   If I have rsvp’d “yes” to an event, I will honor my commitment to attend.


  • I understand that while I am in Los Angeles, I remain accountable to the Syracuse University Office of Community Standards, the SU Code of Student Conduct, and the Newhouse LA Program Standards of Behavior.
  • I will act in a professional manner while working at my internship.  This includes being on time, dressing in appropriate attire, being respectful of colleagues and the company workspace. 
  • I will treat Newhouse LA administrators, instructors, alumni, guest speakers, field trip hosts, other Newhouse LA participants, my roommate and apartment mates, with courtesy and respect. 
  • I will treat conflicts with empathy, flexibility, maturity, and effective verbal communication. 
  • I understand that the Newhouse LA Director can suspend my participation in the Newhouse LA program if Newhouse LA believes I am a threat to myself or other students in the program, the internship, or the Kapi residential community.  Such suspension or termination is in addition to, and not in lieu of, disciplinary action that may be imposed by Syracuse University’s applicable policies and procedures.

Financial Responsibility

  • I understand that my bursar account will be charged for full-time Syracuse University semester tuition, a $1500 program fee, and housing charges (if applicable) associated with the Newhouse LA program.
  • Refunds for tuition and fees will be made in accordance with the current refund policies of Syracuse University, relating to involuntary withdrawals, as stated in Syracuse University’s publication Tuition, Fees, & Related Policies in effect for the corresponding semester. 

Intent to Register

  • I intend to register for Newhouse LA classes during my appointed registration time on MySlice.
  • I understand that I will register for the Entertainment Industry Practicum (internship) and a minimum of three  (3) credits of class(es) offered on-site through Newhouse LA. 
  • If at any time, my schedule reflects less than the required twelve (12) credits of class, I will be contacted by the Newhouse LA administration and advised that my status is making me ineligible to continue to participate in the Newhouse LA program. I will be instructed to adjust my schedule or withdraw from the program.


  • Students participating in internships with external companies/organizations must comply with all health and safety rules, including those related to COVID-19 prevention, set by the external companies/organizations. For example, external companies/organizations may have different masking or vaccination rules than the University, including in some instances stricter rules, and students must comply with those rules, in addition to the Syracuse University rules. 
  • Failure to comply with a company/organization’s health and safety rules may prevent a particular placement or result in the loss of a placement.  If you have any questions about requirements for companies/organizations, please let us know.

Important Program Dates

FALL 2022

Register for Spring 2023 LA classes 

{Consult MySlice for your scheduled appointment time} 

Begins November 2, 2022

Deadline for housing reservation through Kapi

November 5

Deadline for Kapi Housing Accommodation Agreement

Nov. 9 at 2 PM  EST

Spring 2023

Kapi Residences Move In

January 7 and 8 

MANDATORY Orientation Meeting

Monday, January 9 @ 9:30AM

MANDATORY Welcome Dinner

Tuesday, January 10 @ 6PM

MANDATORY Alumni Event

Wednesday, January 11 @ 5PM

MANDATORY – Newhouse/VPA Reception

Thursday, January 12 @6PM

Additional Semester events (some mandatory)

January 9-16, 2023

Internships and classes officially begin for LA students

Tuesday, January 17

Last day to add a class for Spring 2023

Tuesday, January 24

Spring Break (University open, no classes)

March 13-17

Registration for Fall 2023

Begins Wednesday, April 5

Last day of LA classes

Monday, May 1

Last day to move out of Kapi Residences

May 2 or May 3

Newhouse Convocation

Saturday, May 13

SU Commencement

Sunday, May 14



  • I release Syracuse University and its trustees, officers, employees, and agents from, and agree not to sue them for any and all claims and causes of action for loss of or damage to property, bodily or personal injury, loss of companionship or support, or death sustained by me (the student participant) or third parties arising out of any activity or travel conducted by or under the Newhouse LA program unless the loss, damage, injury, or death is caused by the negligence of Syracuse University.
  • I understand that I am financially responsible for my personal health and medical expenses during my participation in the Newhouse LA program.
  • I understand that occasionally a student may require hospitalization or other medical treatment. In the rare instance that I am unable to give my consent to receive medical treatment, I authorize the representative of Syracuse University to contact my parents, guardian, and/or emergency contact person to relay my medical information to them.
  • I understand that Newhouse LA program administrators may revoke my acceptance for any series of reasons including, but not limited to poor academic performance, disciplinary sanctions, misrepresentation of my academic record or misconduct on my part.
  • Syracuse University reserves the right to cancel the Newhouse LA program or any course associated with the program at any time when deemed appropriate due to unforeseen circumstances.

Photograph/Video Release

  • For promotional purposes, Syracuse University has my permission to use photographs and/or videos taken of me in public places during my experience in Los Angeles. I understand these photographs and/or videos may appear on the Syracuse University, SU in LA, and Newhouse LA websites, as well as official social media sites including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.

MySSP (LifeWorks)

Syracuse University has engaged LifeWorks to allow SULA Semester students to utilize MySSP counseling and crisis services.  I understand that this engagement is for my convenience, that LifeWorks is a third party for whom Syracuse University is not responsible, and that I have the choice to seek such services from any resource I so choose. 


It is assumed that all students participating in the program have read and understand the above, and consent to the terms of this agreement.

If a student decides to withdraw from the Newhouse LA program, they must notify the Newhouse LA program in writing.  If the University does not receive written notice with reason for withdrawal, Syracuse University will continue to bill as a Newhouse LA program student.

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