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The Newhouse and VPA LA Semesters are elite programs, and we regard it as a privilege to attend.  We expect a high level of professional and personal behavior to carry through to all that you do while you spend your semester in Los Angeles.  All semester students are expected to……

  • Behave in a manner that is consistent with the Syracuse University Student Code of Conduct
  • Attend all Orientation meetings/events that are designated MANDATORY.
  • Attend ALL class meetings and arrive on time. PERFECT ATTENDANCE IS EXPECTED in this professional development semester. Refer to your syllabi for the complete Newhouse LA Semester Attendance Policy.
  • Act in a professional manner while working at your internship. This includes being on time, dressing in an appropriate manner, being respectful of others in the work environment and fulfilling all agreed upon commitments and responsibilities.
  • Show courtesy in the classroom and at SULA events by silencing and putting away all electronic gear (unless permitted by the Professor in class) and being an active participant.
  • Practice professional ZOOM etiquette – be a little early, check lighting and sound, double check your background (no messy bedrooms) – blur or add a picture if background is not appropriate, try to avoid distracting visitors and sounds.
  • Have your completed Internship Site Agreements signed by your supervisor and returned to the Newhouse/VPA Semester office in a timely fashion but no later than the deadline.
  • Check your emails frequently and respond to emails & phone calls from the Newhouse and VPA LA staff and faculty in a timely manner. Set up your cell phone voicemail with a professional sounding outgoing message before you arrive in Los Angeles. Make sure your inbox is NOT FULL and able to receive messages.
  • Make every effort to attend special SULA events, and programs scheduled during the semester. These events are organized for your benefit and will greatly enhance your LA Semester experience. You are to RSVP promptly to all invitations.  If you indicate that you will attend, we expect you to be there.  If SULA purchases a ticket at your request and you do not show up….you may forfeit your invitation to a future event.  Attire for all SULA events is business casual.
  • SULA students will have the opportunity to volunteer at a Los Angeles organization during the semester. Through volunteerism students can connect with, and give something back to, the local community. We expect our LA Semester students to take part in some form of civic engagement while they are in Los Angeles.
  • Prepare for Guest Speakers. Professional guest speakers are invited to class and events to give you a first-hand real-world perspective on the entertainment business. We expect that you will read their bios and do additional research online so that you can ask thoughtful questions and engage in a meaningful conversation.
  • Students will treat all other SULA participants, especially their roommates, with courtesy and respect. Students acknowledge that successfully resolving any conflicts involves empathy, flexibility, and maturity as much as it does effective verbal communication.
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