Newhouse LA Event and Social Media Coordinator

Work to develop a sense of community among students and manage the Newhouse LA social media accounts.



  • Work with the Assistant Director to plan student social activities (hikes, BBQs, museums visits, Dodgers games, miniature golf, etc.) on Saturdays and/or Sundays approximately every two-to-three weeks during the semester.
  • Organize one community service day during the semester.
  • Help facilitate a student meet-and-greet prior to the welcome dinner.
  • Promote events via text, email and word of mouth.
  • Distribute and monitor event sign-up sheets.

Social Media:

  • Take photos and videos of students at events.
  • Post Instagram Stories during student events.
  • Update the Instagram feed following student events.
  • Create content to increase followers.
  • Recruit current students to do 'student take overs' and 'spotlights'
  • Additional posts and social media tasks as assigned.

Meetings and Event Reports:

  • Attend scheduled meetings with the assistant director approximately once per weeks.
  • Reply to emails from Newhouse LA staff in a timely manner.
  • Send an event summary report following each event along with text for an Instagram post, due by 10 a.m. the Monday following the event.

A car is  preferred but not required.

Pay rate is $17.51 an hour

TO APPLY: Fill out the application form  AND send your resume to Lauren Palius

Newhouse Student News Team – Writer/Reporter/Photographer

Open to Newhouse majors and duals

Join the Newhouse Student News Team! We're looking for talented writers, reporters and/or photographers to contribute to the "Newsroom" section of the Newhouse website this summer. You'll get great clips and will also be financially compensated for your work. You'll work closely with the Newhouse communications team to cover Newhouse ____ events and write stories/articles about students, faculty, alumni, events and anything noteworthy or interesting happening in the Newhouse ___ program and the Newhouse community in general. You will be expected to communicate with your editor and meet strict deadlines. Join the team, get clips and get paid! We're excited to work with you! 


  • Write articles and/or take photographs for the Newhouse School website and social media accounts.
  • Cover events and write articles about students, faculty, alumni, events and anything noteworthy or interesting happening in the Newhouse ___ program and the Newhouse community in general.
  • Work with Newhouse ____ director ______, Newhouse communications director Genaro Armas and content manager Madelyn Geyer to identify content. 
  • Pitch story ideas about students, faculty, alumni, events, etc (both in ___ and on the SU main campus/entire Newhouse community).


Questions? Contact Madelyn Geyer at

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