Los Angeles is a "car-centric" city.  Access to a car is the best way to navigate between home, an internship and the Syracuse University Los Angeles Center.  Some students use a ride share company like Uber or Lyft instead of arranging for a car.  There is a public transportation system in LA but it is limited geographically.  Using public transportation may increase commute times and may also require several transfers between trains and buses. Both ride share and public transportation may limit the internships to which students can apply as some internships require that the student have a car.

All transportation options should be researched thoroughly to understand the costs involved and the challenges each mode presents.

How do I get a car to Los Angeles?

This is an individual decision. The three most popular methods are to drive, ship or rent a car from a local car rental company in LA.

How do I ship a car to Los Angeles? 

These companies are commonly used by Newhouse LA students. (Note: This list is provided as a resource; these companies are not affiliated with Newhouse LA.)


DAS Auto Shippers

MIG Auto Transport – Receive $50 off an auto transport quote for Newhouse LA students.  Call 904.553.7367.

Montway Auto Transport – Montway offers $50 off for all students and employees of the Syracuse University in Los Angeles. Call 888.666.8929.

RCG Auto Logistics – 10% discount for Newhouse LA students.  

Safeway Car Transport –  Safeway offers student discounts as well as group discounts for those shipping more than one car from the same city/state.  Mike Newson at Mike@safewaycartransport.com or 800.453.6334.


Ship A Car Direct

Tempus Logix Inc. – 7% discount for Newhouse LA students and employees. Call 818.942.7030.

Students and parents should research this information thoroughly before choosing an option.  Please be advised that Newhouse LA and Kapi Residences cannot accept or release a vehicle on a student’s behalf.

How do I rent a car in Los Angeles?

Enterprise Car Rental  - Start an online reservation and enter the SU Promo code 32W5017 to take advantage of the University’s corporate rate. Pickup the car at the Studio City location. 

Midway Car Rental - Contact Katelynn Hammack at khammack@midwaycarrental.com or 323.745.6663.

Hertz - Will waive the underage driver surcharge for AAA members. Call 800.654.3131.

Borrow Electric Cars – 10% discount on first month with the code Student10-SU.

Auto Insurance

For information about California insurance requirements, visit the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ride Share Resources

Uber Rewards

Lyft Pink


Los Angeles Metro (Information, timetables, maps)


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