To Access the NHCloud Server:

• Open a web browser and go to:

Please be advised that Google Chrome does not support the HTML code used for this resource.

• A login screen will appear prompting for a username and password

• Enter the appropriate information provided below and you will be given access to your course folders

To Upload Materials:

• Double click on the folder you wish to add your files into.  (Check the navigation bar above the yellow menu bar to ensure you are in the correct folder)

• Click on the “Add files...” button underneath the yellow control bar on the lefthand side.

(Note: you can only upload files not folders… If you need to upload a folder of files 'compress' or 'zip' the file before uploading it to the system)

(Note: files will be uploaded to the folder listed in the navigation bar just above the yellow control bar)

• In the pop up window, select the document(s) you wish to upload to the system, then click on the “Choose” button in the lower right corner of the window

• A final prompt will appear listing the file(s) to be uploaded.  Click on the ‘Upload' link to the right of the file name to confirm the file transfer.

• When successfully loaded, a green dot will appear to the far right of the file listing.

The NHCloud environment is provided for those students enrolled in specific Newhouse courses as a resource for their course work.  Do not disseminate the login credentials to anyone beyond those enrolled in the class.  Failure to comply with this can result in the account being disabled.  All course folders are disabled on the last day of the semester.  Faculty access to this space is retained until the day after grades are due for any given semester as defined by the Registrars Office.  Students and faculty are encouraged to backup their data before the end of the semester to prevent any data loss.

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