Internships are a central part of the Newhouse NYC program. They provide students with real-world experiences and valuable insight into the entertainment industry. Interns learn entry-level skills, become exposed to professional environments, make connections and develop tools that will aid them as young professionals.  The Newhouse NYC administration is dedicated to assisting every student secure an internship. 

How will I get an internship?

  • Director Franklin and Michelle will partner with each student to ensure they secure an internship for the semester. We do not place students in internships. 
  • Students will apply to, interview with, and communicate offers directly with the internship host company (could be Zoom, on the phone, or in an email). The company will extend an offer directly to the student. The student will make the final decision of accepting or declining an offer.  It is imperative to stay in contact with Director Franklin and Michelle re: your internship application status. When you have an update, you should let them know the same day.
  • All students are required to have a one-on-one meeting with the program manager to discuss areas of interest.  These appointments will take place over zoom. 
  • Students are required to submit their resumes to the program manager before their scheduled meeting.  All students should visit the Newhouse Career Development Center (CDC) and attend the seminar on résumé and cover letter writing. Students should also review the résumé and cover letter writing resources provided by the CDC.
  • Students should begin by researching internship opportunities online. Some media companies have formal internship program with a variety of internships. These positions are very competitive, and it is in the best interest of the student to immediately apply for any openings that are of interest. These opportunities are posted as they become available, so it is important to check frequently.
  • Newhouse NYC will also send internship opportunities and provide students with information regarding internships based on their expressed area of interest.  Students will receive a job description, an overview of responsibilities and instructions on how to apply. This is not a guarantee of placement or acceptance. Students will be responsible for sending their résumés and cover letters, securing interviews, and securing the internship. (Read about interview preparation.)
  • Students should research opportunities at companies of interest,  utilize the leads from the Career Development Center newsletters, and do personal outreach. 
  • You may not have a confirmed internship by the time you arrive in NYC for the semester. This is due to the host company internal timeline not aligning with our academic calendar.  DO NOT PANIC. You WILL have an internship for the semester.

What is required of the internship and class components?

  • Newhouse NYC students are recommended to intern 18-to-24 hours per week.  You will work directly with your internship supervisor to arrange a work schedule around your class schedule.
  • You will register for your internship under COM 475 for a minimum of one credit or maximum of three credits through MySlice at your appointed registration time.
  • The NYC Communications Industry Practicum class is a required component of the program. The course meets 4x a semester and is taught by director Cheryl Brody Franklin


  • Must obtain approval for Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) before you begin your internship. CPT limits part-time internship hours to 20 hours maximum per week.


  • Students participating in internships with external companies/organizations must comply with all health and safety rules, including those related to COVID-19 prevention, set by the external companies/organizations. For example, external companies/organizations may have different masking or vaccination rules than the University, including in some instances stricter rules, and students must comply with those rules, in addition to the Syracuse University rules. 
  • Failure to comply with a company/organization’s health and safety rules may prevent a particular placement or result in the loss of a placement.
  • If you have any questions about particular requirements for particular companies/organizations, please let us know. 

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