When using Skype on a PC computer, make sure to follow the steps below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Connect webcam to device via USB port

    • Webcam must be connected before launching Skype

  2. Launch Skype

    • Select Skype from Start Menu or search in Cortana search

      • NOTE: There are two Skype Applications on your computer there is 1. Skype and 2. Skype for Business. You can only use Skype for Business if your contact is using Skype for Business.

    • Enter Skype name and select “next”

    • Enter Password and select “sign in”

  3. Skype Housekeeping at Launch

    • Select “Continue” to update profile picture, check sound, and video

    • Speakers

      • Choose Speakers from drop-down (TV brand HDMI in classrooms)

    • Microphones

      • Choose Microphone from drop-down (webcam)

    • Video

      • Choose Webcam from drop-down

    • Select Continue

    • Add Profile Picture

      • Select “Setup Later” to Skip step

      •  Select “Continue” to add photo

      • Take a picture with webcam by selecting “Take a Picture”

      • Or Browse your computer for a picture by selecting “Browse”

  4. Add Contact

    • Select Contacts

    • Select Add Contact

    • Select Search Skype Directory or use the search field

    • Enter Skype name in the field provided

      • NOTE: You must add your Contact in order to contact them. It is recommended that you request your contacts Skype name in advance for an easier search

  5. Test Audio

    • Search “Echo / Sound Test Service in Contacts

    • Select Call

    • Follow the directions of the automated Skype operator

    • If your recording is successful, you have configured Skype correctly

  6. Test Video

    • Select Tools from the Main Menu

    • Select Options

    • Select Audio / Video

    • Confirm webcam is selected for both options

    • Confirm TV brand HDMI and/or classroom speakers are selected

    • Adjust the Webcam to benefit the view of your Skype contact

    • Select Save

  7. Make Video Call

    • Select Contacts

    • Choose your Contact

    • Select Video Call

  8. Group Call

    • Select Contacts from Main Menu

    • Select Create New Group

    • Enter Group Name

    • Add Contacts

    • Select Video Call

  9. Chat

    • Select Contacts

    • Choose your Contact

    • Type Message in field provided

    • Select send icon

  10. Sign-out

    • Select File from Main Menu

    • Select Sign-out

    • Select Skype from Main Menu

    • Select Quit Skype

Download a printable PDF of the instructions:


Updated 08/14/2018