Syracuse University Brand Guidelines & Resources

Full Syracuse University brand guidelines, including information on logo usage, color palette, typography (fonts), photography and videography, iconography and illustration, and brand platform/positioning. Please use this guide as a reference for all design projects.

View Syracuse University Brand Guidelines


The full configuration and small space lockups are the school’s central brand elements. This is where you can find all approved school logos and lockups within the Syracuse University system. 

View Newhouse School logo information

Posters and Digital Signs

Poster templates are packaged as Adobe InDesign files and will require a designer to complete. 

Download event template (ZIP file, contains InDesign templates)


These branded template themes have been developed for MS PowerPoint presentations. 

Download Powerpoint template (ZIP file, Sherman font version, preferred)

Download Powerpoint template (ZIP file, Arial font version)

Social media

A collection of brand-aligned templates available for general use including a Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also available are blue and white color variants, as well as single person, two person, or four person panels.


Preview Instagram template (PDF)

Download Instagram template (ZIP file, contains InDesign file, 1080 x 1080px)


Preview Facebook/Twitter template (PDF)

Download Facebook/Twitter template  (ZIP file, contains InDesign file, 1200 x 675px, one template can be used for both Facebook and Twitter)

Video Files

A collection of brand-aligned video assets available for general use including a bumper and video graphics toolkit. The toolkit includes a title slide and lower thirds Photoshop template.

Download video assets (ZIP file, 70mb, contains bumpers (MP4s) and video graphics (PSD))

Digital letterhead

The digital letterhead is a template designed and set up in Microsoft Word, with the school branding built into the header and footer. Depending on the fonts installed on your computer, please pick the appropriate version. 

NOTE: You must update the footer with your department title (orange font), phone and fax. Please follow proper naming conventions (i.e. do not use an ampersand, do not abbreviate, etc.); for guidance, see the Newhouse website. 

To order paper letterhead, please contact Katie Gerace in the Newhouse Budget Office.

Download letterhead (Sherman Sans version)

Download letterhead (Verdana version)

Editorial Style Guide

The Syracuse University Editorial Style Guide was compiled for those who write and edit Syracuse University communications, marketing collateral, content and publications, both online and print, centrally and in the schools, colleges and academic and administrative units.

View style guide

Approved Vendors

The list of suggested external vendors for marketing and communications is designed to assist you with your marketing and communications needs across graphic design, photography, print production, videography, writers and editors.

View approved vendors

HTML Emails

HTML emails are to be created on SU Email Generator.


The main hero image at the top of the email template is 600 x 310px. 

Download PSD

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