Network Wiring and Services handles wired and wireless network outage issues.

During Regular Business Hours

Complete the Wired Network Outage Report form to report slow, intermittent, or no wired network connection.

Complete the Wireless Outage Report form to report a wireless incident, a weak signal, or no signal.

If you are unable to use the form

Please call ITS Help at 443-2677. In order for us to better help you; please be prepared with the following information: 
  • Exact nature of trouble. (i.e. broken jack, no network connectivity)
  • Circuit Number: 2TBxxxx or 2TCxxxxx
  • Building and room number.
  • Name of contact person and their phone number.
  • What type of device is not connecting to the network (i.e. PC, laptop, printer, wireless device, ECM controller, cash register, door access device)
  • Are you trying to connect via AirOrange (wireless) or via the standard wired campus network?
  • How many clients or what systems are being affected by this outage.
  • When did the outage occur?
  • What has been done to trouble-shoot the device and what leads you to believe that the wiring/port is the problem.
  • It is expected that ALL computer support staff (DSPs or ECM support staff) will go on-site (to that location and device) and make an attempt to trouble-shoot the device in question before calling in a request for a network trouble call.

Requests for Residential Student Service

All students must contact ITS Help at 443-2677 with any ResNET issues or requests.
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