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The following section give a general overview on how to backup personal data on Android Devices

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  1. Connect your Android Device to the USB port of your PC using the data cable that came with your phone.
  2. A message stating that your phone has been connected to the computer via USB will be displayed on your Android device.
  3. Click on "Turn on USB storage" on your android device.
  4. A message stating that some applications you are using may stop may be displayed on the Android device. If this happens click on "OK".
  5. If you are using an Apple OS X computer the device will be displayed on your desktop. If you are using Windows, navigate to "My Computer" and you should be able to see your device. It may appear as a disk drive.
  6. Double click on the device.
  7. The content of your device is displayed as folders.

Android Contents folders

  1. Copy the folders of interest to your external memory or burn them to disk. Typically the photos taken with the phones camera are in the DCIM folder.
  2. You can copy back the content from this backup at a later point of time as and when required.