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Systematic Data Backup

Carbonite http://www.carbonite.com/

A subscription-based online cloud storage service that automatically backs up new and changed files on a single computer with unlimited backup space. After installing the Carbonite software on your computer, it will back up your data automatically from specified folders, and no further action is needed. Files can be accessed from any computer, and a free mobile Carbonite app for iOS and Android allows you to access your files from these devices too.

iCloud http://www.apple.com/icloud/

If you have an Apple ID, you can sign up for iCloud and get 5 GB of free online storage space. Data backups occur automatically each day when your device is locked and connected to Wi-Fi. When using multiple devices, iCloud syncs your data so that your content is available on each device. Additional backup space can be purchased for a total of 10 GB, 20 GB, or 50 GB depending on the subscription plan you choose. In addition to being compatible with OS X and iOS devices, iCloud is also compatible with Windows machines.

Mozy http://mozy.com/

Another subscription-based cloud storage service that can automatically back up your data on one to three computers. Files on your computer are synced automatically can be accessed whenever you are connected to the internet. While not unlimited, Mozy offers two plans – one for 50 GB of backup space and another for 125 GB. Data can also be accessed from iOS and Android devices.

Crash Plan http://www.crashplan.com/

This cloud storage service backs up an unlimited amount of data from one or several computers (depending on the plan you choose). Syncing occurs continuously, as often as once every minute, or a schedule can be set up to determine when data will be backed up. Crash Plan also offers a free mobile app, enabling you to access your data from iOS or Android devices. In addition to backing up your computer, Crash Plan is also capable of backing up data from external hard drives.


Manual Online Access

Google Drive http://www.google.com/drive/about.html

With 15 GB of free space, you can store your files online for easy access using Google Drive. With Google Drive, you can use its web interface to download and upload files to and from your device, or you can download Google Drive to your desktop (or onto your iOS or Android device). Place your files into the Google Drive folder, and those files will automatically sync to your online account, making those files available wherever you can access the drive. For more storage space, Google Drive also offers subscription plans for 100 GB or 200 GB of space.

Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/

Very similar to Google Drive, Dropbox offers free online storage and the ability to sync your files among multiple devices. Download Dropbox and then place files you want to sync across devices inside the folder. You can choose which folders within the Dropbox folder you’d like to sync. While Dropbox only offers 2 GB of free space, it has gained a reputation for being the go-to solution for syncing files across all your devices. For each friend you refer to Dropbox, you will earn another 500 MB of storage space up to a total of 18 GB of space. Dropbox also offers additional subscription based plans with increased storage space.

Box https://www.box.com/

With 10 GB of free storage space, Box is another solution for storing your files online. Use just the web interface or download the software to drag and drop files into the Box folder. The files will sync automatically. Box also allows you to access your files from multiple devices. With Box comes the ability to invite others to share and edit files you’ve added to Box. Users can post and reply to comments for any file, making this a good option for a collaborative environment where multiple people can contribute content.

SkyDrive http://skydrive.com/

Another file hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files to cloud storage, SkyDrive provides 7 GB of free storage space, plus an additional 3 GB of space for students for one year. A Microsoft product, SkyDrive allows for integration with Office and Outlook.com, enabling users to upload files to SkyDrive from Outlook, and to retrieve files and send them directly from SkyDrive through Outlook. The Microsoft Office integration provides the option for a collaborative real-time editing option among multiple users that have access to files.