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There are three ways to create screenshots or screen captures on Windows 8.

Snipping Tool

  1. To locate this program from the tile menu hover over to the charms bar and click on the search tool or magnifying glass.

    select search in start menu
  2. Type "Snipping Tool" and the Snipping Tool application should appear on the left.
    search snipping tool which will pop up on the left hand side
  3. If you left click the icon it will automatically open in your desktop.
    1. If you right click the icon it will open a menu on the bottom portion of the screen. 
      1. To pin the application to your tile menu click "Pin to Start."
      2. To pin the application to your task bar on your desktop click "Pin to Taskbar."

    snipping tool select pin to start or pin to taskbar
  4. Once you have the snipping tool open there should be a window that looks like the image below.
    snipping tool menu
  5. When you click on "new" your cursor becomes a set of cross hairs.   You can now click, drag/draw and then release (the portion of the screen enclosed in the box shape will create a snapshot image).  This image can be saved as a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file to whichever folder/location you choose.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Within any program or window you can use the following keyboard shortcut to save a screen capture of your entire screen
    1. Click and hold the following combinations of keys (Win + Prnt Scrn) until you see your screen flash, like taking a picture. 
      1. Note: the "Fn" key may be needed to invoke the "Prnt Scrn" key on some keyboards.
      2. Note: the Windows key might not say "Win" but rather may be the logo of the Microsoft flag.
        microsoft flag
  2. After holding down these keys the image will automatically save in a folder called "Screenshots" within your "Picture" library.

Snipping Tool and Keyboard Shortcut Combination

  1. With the Snipping Tool program open, instead of clicking "New," you can use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Prnt Scrn).
  2. The cross hairs will appear instead of the cursor.  You can click, drag/draw, and release to capture your image.