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Orange Tracker projects that create issues from incoming email may create unwanted issues from spam email.  To remove these issues, select the "Mark as Spam" button in the workflow menu.  The following will happen:

  • the issue will be closed
  • the resolution will be set to Spam
  • set the component of the issue
  • In 30 days, the issue will automatically be deleted by a cleanup process within Orange Tracker

If an email address generates 10 or more emails that are marked as spam within approximately 8 hours, the email address will be automatically added to an Orange Tracker blacklist that will block that address from sending any more emails to Orange Tracker.  If you wish to have an email address added manually to the Orange Tracker blacklist, send an email to  If an account was unintentionally added to the blacklist (you thought the email was spam but was actually from a legitimate source), send an email to to have the email address manually removed from the blacklist. 


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