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New Graduate Orientation-late July

  • Start to recruit faculty and student volunteers to help with orientation week activities (check with Associate Chair for support in process of contacting faculty and/or determining which faculty and/or students to ask).

  • Update the Fall 2019 agenda located on the G: drive under Opening & TA orientation-make sure to book the Introduction to Library Resources (Emily Hart), the Initial Lab Safety Training (, and the Adventure Course/Team (Julie DeLeo).

  • Add incoming graduate students to PHY Grad, PHY TA listservs.

  • Give Physics building access to all new grads through the BOSS system-training will be required (contact for scheduling).

  • Organize desk assignments for current, incoming grads (with Yudy, Associate Chair)

  • Make key packets for mailbox, desk & grad student (AAF) key for incoming grads.

  • Update website grad page with incoming graduate photos & information.

  • Update website grad page with updated desk info for current (non-incoming students) after moves are made to accommodate incoming class.

  • Request the names of new academic advisor assignments for incoming grads from Mitch Soderberg and add to to their student records in MySlice.

  • Have incoming graduates check in when they arrive and remind them of important trainings, etc.

  • Academic Support Coordinator prepares qualifying/comprehensive result letters  (G:\AS\phy\#private\#Graduate Program (easchiff, msoderbe, pawhitmo, smcatter)\Qualifying Exams & Comprehensive Exams) for signing by Graduate director (currently Mitch Soderberg) and distribution to new graduate students.

New and Returning Graduates-early to mid August

  • Meet with (Associate Chair, Professor Catterall) to begin working on TA assignments.  By the end of the second week of August, he will provide general course assignments. Communicate to TAs that any course swaps need to be sent to the email.

  • Distribute the final TA assignments to students and post to the pertinent courses in MySlice.

  • Prepare google doc (outlining clinic times and courses) for the Fall semester.

  • Email students to solicit clinic times-all TAs are required to work in the clinic two hours/week (room 112 of the Physics building).

  • Verify all TA/RA offer letters have been signed and submitted electronically.

  • Remind ALL graduate students to register for the Fall, as all active students must be registered for every term or their student status will be discontinued.

  • If graduate students have no formal coursework needs, they can just register for GRD 998.

  • If any graduate students are not a TA/RA/Fellow --- they need to also submit a petition for full-time student status to retain full time status and register for GRD 998.

Spring and Fall Physics department Course Scheduling

  • Training from the Registrar’s office is required to gain Myslice access to the enrollment and class scheduling screens. These notes are intended as a supplement (as the Academic Support Coordinator will receive training packets) to the information from those training sessions.

    • Mid-August is the deadline for Spring Class scheduling while mid-February is the deadline for the Fall Class scheduling.

  • Academic Support Coordinator should schedule a meeting with the Chair and Associate Chair to review the upcoming long and short course spreadsheet schedules which are located in:  This spreadsheet isn’t intended to be shared outside the department, but is useful for setting up course listings on the website, tracking enrollment, and inputting course schedules in MySlice.

  • Courses are always carried over from one year to the next, with a few exceptions. i.e., the fall 2019 schedule will carry over exactly how it was entered in for fall 2018 and we just input course offering changes or updated info (times, rooms, instructors, etc.)

  • Courses that aren’t carried over and will need to be re-added each term:

    • Independent studies (PHY 490, 690) – make sure to request training notes for this

    • Other special topics courses, or those that had 0 enrollment in prior year.

  • Link to DTR form --- use to request day, time, room information from Registrar. We cannot just enter this information in. See individual term deadlines for DTRs to know when this information is due.

  • Link to the official time blocks we are allowed to schedule classes during:

  • Link to the page to view classroom availability (25 live)[0]

  • See for the registration calendar and important dates. After the first week of September, students can’t use MySlice to rearrange schedules any longer, so add/drop forms will start rolling in.  Don’t approve swaps after the Myslice add/drop deadline unless it is an extenuating circumstance, AND there is actually an open seat they want to swap into. Only approve late course adds if the instructor gives explicit permission to do so (and again, if there is an open seat in the class).

  • All courses are posted on physics website each term, with links to syllabi or course sites:

Summer Planning Notes (Courses, Instructors/TAs)

  • Class Scheduling for summer is run by University College (currently Maria Borte)

  • They will contact you by October/November to confirm which summer classes we plan to offer. Work with Associate Chair & Chair to analyze prior year enrollment counts to determine which courses Physics would like to offer.

  • University College will enter in all course information for department summer classes once department confirms course offerings and classroom information spreadsheet is complete.

  • Academic Support Coordinator works with Operations Specialist ( Heather Ketcham) to give list of instructor positions we will need to  set up for hiring in SU Job Opps.

  • Usually send this out 1st week in February and then request return date by last week in February from students. SIMULTANEOUSLY, first week in February we’ve emailed all faculty to request their plans for RA support with the request to have responses (if possible) by end of February. Though many won’t be able to confirm for weeks/months, we will have an idea of those graduate students who will be available to hire as instructors.

  • Operations Specialist will submit info to hire the instructors we’ve chosen to all relevant parties. Then once approved at all levels (i.e., CAS), Human Resources will generate formal offer letters to graduate students who will be the summer instructors. Departments do not do the letter production or tracking process. University College will also enter the instructor information into MySlice with the class schedule.

  • University College may ask for support determining salaries. They will tell you the pay for credit hour for varying titles (T1, T2 GA)

    • T1 instructors are all first year grad students

    • T2  are those who have earned a Master’s or equivalent – in past years, this is any departmental grads who have passed quals (ie., 2nd+ year students)

    • GAs are all students teaching lab or recitations but NOT the head instructor (i.e. AST 101, 104, PHY 101, 102, PHY 211 recitation, PHY 212 recitation --- BUT NOT PHY 221, 222 since those are head instructors in summer)

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