Use Syracuse University  Google Sheets    

The sheet is only shared with Heather, Juliette, and Yudy,  If anyone else needs to be given access, please let the web team  through  their contact form.   

Some notes: 

Do not change the column headers; doing so will break the page which has your courses.

Undergraduate and graduate classes are now combined into one sheet as students said they found this easier to manage.

Add a new sheet to the workbook (a new tab within the spreadsheet) for each semester (or section).

Please do not rearrange sheets; each individual sheet is specifically linked to a page on the website. Moving them around will cause information to be incorrect.

If you need more than one Day/Time row for a class, simply add a line break within the cell(s).  In Google Chrome with a Mac, this would be control + Enter. Remember to do this in both the Day and Time columns. Feel free to leave a cell blank if there’s no relevant information. 

For syllabi, we suggest creating a folder in your Google Drive, again with your account, uploading syllabi, and using the links to share it. This is, of course, optional, and you just as easily leave the syllabi field blank. Please be aware that it is the department’s responsibility to ensure documents posted on or to the website are accessible.  

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