As we navigate this unusual time, we have all faced adjustments to our usual processes. We recognize that a concern of yours is remaining in compliance with the reconciliation of University credit cards. 

In order to help you navigate this process, we ask that you follow the instructions below during your reconciliation:


  • Please expense all transactions in the J.P. Morgan PaymentNet system by the 12th of each month


  • Please send the reconciliation by email to Send only one card holder reconciliation per email. Use the subject line: “Reconciliation – [Card Holder Name]”


  • Please do not email the reconciliation until the packet is complete, including all required receipts and approvals. We expect that the attachment(s) will be by PDF and may be large, requiring multiple files. If you have paper documents, you can utilize Microsoft Lens (see attached instructions) to create a PDF. If you need assistance, please email and we will be happy to walk you through the process.


  • For approvals, please do not use Adobe signature in the PDF reconciliation. This feature will lock the file and present a problem when forwarded to another area for review/approval. Simply attach an email from the supervisor indicating that the packet has been approved.


  • In asking for a completed packet, we understand that some of your paper receipts may not be accessible. We understand that this will mean that you cannot email the reconciliation at this time. You will not be penalized for this or considered “late.” Instead, please send an email to indicating that your reconciliation will be delayed due to missing receipts.

  • Do not sign the electronic statement copy as it should remain unlocked for Disbursements. 

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