Classes will be scheduled each semester for the following semester (Fall for Spring, Spring for Fall).

Training from the Registrar’s office is required to gain Myslice access to the enrollment and class scheduling screens. These notes are intended as a supplement (as the Academic Support Coordinator will receive training packets) to the information from those training sessions.

Mid-August is the deadline for Spring Class scheduling while mid-February is the deadline for the Fall Class scheduling.

If a class is not changing from the previously scheduled semester/time, the room that it was assigned previously will remain assigned.  If a class is cancelled or its day/time is changed, it will lose the room originally scheduled with and a new room will need to be located with the registrar's office following their room assignment process.  See DTR instructions


  1. To begin scheduling classes, you will need to obtain a list of class offerings for the semester from the Chair and Associate Chair.  This will include enrollment caps for each course.
  2. Courses that aren’t carried over and will need to be re-added each term 
  3. DTR form is used to request day, time, room information from Registrar. See individual term deadlines for DTRs to know when this information is due.
  4. View classroom availability (25 live)
  5. See the Academic Calendar for the registration calendar and important dates. After the first week of September, students can’t use MySlice to rearrange schedules any longer, so add/drop forms will start rolling in.  Don’t approve swaps after the Myslice add/drop deadline unless it is an extenuating circumstance, AND there is actually an open seat they want to swap into. Only approve late course adds if the instructor gives explicit permission to do so (and again, if there is an open seat in the class).
  6. Create scheduling spreadsheet.  Ensure that there aren't conflicts with important required courses and electives are not overlapping.  
  7. All courses are posted on physics website each term, with links to syllabi or course sites. Courses are entered into link through a google doc set up each term by Jesse Menn.

Scheduling Rules

Classes need to follow the Registrar's class paradigm 

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