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User Name:  syras

Password:  OrangeA&S#44

Select 'Manage Forms':


Select 'Search', and click 'Load Saved search plan', and continue (You can create a new search with new criteria, but I have created an all encompassing one listed under "Physics- Scores and Background"

Change to and from dates to fit the search, example below:


  1. “Search” on left bar
  2. Check “load saved…” and in drop down, choose “Physics Submitted”
  3. Change dates to and from.
  4. Hit “Search” button on bottom
  • In file page, click “Print” button on top.

  • Keep “that are checked” in the drop down, and PDF file checked
  • You’ll need to check the box in front of each applicant, one at a time.
    • Only print it to PDF if it satisfies the conditions for admission requirements.
    • Hit “download PDF” after printing individual file.
    • Save as “Last Name, First Name App 2020” all to one folder we can both view
    • Check off if you printed it on list
    • **make sure you remember to un-check the prior one before moving on to the next file. If the document title shows up as SYR_### instead of a name, then you accidently check off two applications at once.
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