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Step 1:  Seat Shuffler File

Open File “Shuffle Seats Stolkin”

There will be one or two notifications that pop up at the top, when you first open it, depending upon your machine:

Notice 1: “Protected View” --- CLICK BUTTON to “Enable Editing”

Notice 2: “Macros have been disabled” --- CLICK BUTTON to “Enable Content”

This list in front of you is a random order of every seat in Holden. Note that if you click the button “Click to Shuffle,” it will reorder the seats randomly for you.

Step 2:  Class Roster List

Obtain class roster in Excel list form, with all of the student information you’d need for your labels. Most faculty prefer just names (both last and first) but you should ask your course instructor if anything else should be printed on the labels. Some faculty prefer SUIDs as well.

Step 3:  Combine!

Copy the column with the list of seats in random order from the Seat Shuffler Excel file

Paste it as a new column in the Class Roster document

Remove/delete any seats listed at the bottom of the list that have no student name associated with them. These will be empty seats in Stolkin Auditorium during the exam.

Step 4:  Print copy(ies) for posting outside classroom (if requested by faculty)

On the excel file, add a row at the top to name the columns “Student Name” and “Seat Number” on the correspondent column. This will be needed for the mail merging step later.

Highlight the columns “Student Name” and “Seat Number”.

Go to the page layout tab at the top of the page, click on “Print Area” and select “set print area” from the drop down window.

Print the amount of copies needed.

If you have 2 sections saved on the same workbook, do the above steps for both sheets/sections.

Step 5: Mail Merge

Save the excel sheet on your preferred location

Open a blank word document

On the top ribbon, click on the “Mailings” tab, then click on “Start Mail Merge”. From the drop- down window choose “Labels”.

Make sure your “Label Vendor” is set to Microsoft and under “Product Number”, choose “30 per page” (Note that there are 2 options available, choose the one with the following measurements: 1” high x 2.63” wide). You can also choose Avery for the “Label Vendor” and look for the corresponding label number listed on the label’s box. (Please note that labels are located on the overhead cabinet above the student desk on the main office). Hit ok. This will open a new window with the outlines of the labels. You should see 3 columns of 10 labels each.

On the toolbar at the top of the page, click on “Select Recipients”, on the drop-down window choose “Use an Existing list”. Browse to find the excel workbook you saved. Choose it, click ok. You will be prompted to choose a sheet if you have multiple ones on the workbook.

Now you should have the labels with the words “Next Record” printed on it. On the first label Put your cursor where you want the info to be.

In the top ribbon click on “Insert Merge Field”, choose the “Student Name”, if the position of the word is good, hit Enter and repeat the latter step for the “Seat Number”.

On the top ribbon, click on “Update Labels”, you can also click on “Preview Results” to view a sample of the final copy.

On the top ribbon, click on “Finish Mail Merge” and choose “Edit Individual documents”. This will produce a print out of all records on that sheet/section.

If you have multiple sections repeat the above steps with the second excel sheet.

Step 6: Print the labels

Find label paper. (Please note that labels are located on the overhead cabinet above the student desk on the main office)

Follow the directions for positioning the label pages on the printer. Put the number of pages needed on the printer tray and Print from your computer. Remove the leftover label pages from the printer if you added extra

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