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A late add request must be submitted to the University Registrar for review.

Send  Giovanna Albaroni ( an email with:

  • Student Name (first, last, middle)
  • SUID number
  • Student email address
  • Term
  • Class Subject catalog, section, and class number
  • Number of credit hours to be added
  • Number of total credit hours after class is added
  • Detailed explanation why the student was not  able to enroll by the official add deadline of the class.
  • Dean or department (for GRAD) approval must also be included


    Send to

    After school/college review, the following request has been APPROVED:


    Form: [Drop, Pass/Fail, Other]

    Student SUID

    Student Name, Last Name

    Class Information: XXX100, SECM0XX, 5-digit code

    Additional Information that may be needed: 

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