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*The below process applies to all faculty members except those supported by the Research Coordinator. If you fall on this category, please contact Research Coordinator directly. 

  • University card cycles close on the third or the fourth of each month; all receipts must be emailed or dropped off on the PHY Business mailbox by the sixth of each month.
  • Forward digital receipts to as you make your purchases. It is important to do this as soon as you receive the order confirmation. Update the subject line before forwarding to include ‘JPMC’ in the header. In the body of the message, include the business purpose and funding source.
  • Should you have paper receipts,  take a picture of the receipt or scan and email it to with the JPMC noted in the subject header. Include on the body of the email the business purpose and funding source.
  • For travel, please include the name of conference/event, dates and location.
  • For any meal receipts, you must list all attendees and their affiliations including non-SU guests.
  • After reconciliation is reviewed and approved, office staff will email the Monthly Transaction Detail page along with the receipts to the credit card holder for cardholder  email approval.
  • Cardholder to respond to with approval. 
  • Main Office will complete the process.  

    Do not sign the electronic statement copy as it should remain unlocked for Disbursements. 

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