Airline Reservations

Faculty, research associates and students generally use research funds for travel, and the principal investigator needs to approve a travel budget. Travelers make their own travel arrangements and pay either by cash advance or post-trip reimbursement.

Contact if a university credit card is preferred for travel reservation payment.  Request(s) need to be sent via email with supervisor approval to The traveler must complete a travel voucher or employee expense reimbursement request for any expenditures that are approved and could not be booked or reserved in advance. 

Faculty Meetings and Lunches

Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 12:00 in room 204 as needed. Advance notice given (at least 2 business days). Lunch provided per Chair's discretion. 


Faculty/Staff/Postdoc mailboxes are in room 201.

Student employment and work-study mailbox is located in room 201.

TA mailboxes are located in the hallway outside across from 201.

Office Supplies

We have limited/basic office supplies located in room 261 (open during normal business hours) – email with special requests. 

Travel and Entertainment Cards

There are separate Account Codes for travel and for conference registration. Please see attached. For a CHART OF ACCOUNTS OVERVIEW (describes chartstrings) see attached.

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