Save applications to G Drive Location: 

G:\AS\phy\#private\#Academic Coordinator\Admissions

Copy applications to Teams

Graduate applications are supplied by CollegeNet 

Log in:

User Name:  syras

Password:  OrangeA&S#44

Downloading Applications through College Net

  • Select 'Manage Forms':


  1. Select 'Search', and click 'Load Saved search plan', and continue (You can create a new search with new criteria, but I have created an all encompassing one listed under "Physics- Scores and Background"

   2.  Change to and from dates to fit the search, example below:

3. Hit “Search” button on bottom

  • You’ll need to check the box in front of each applicant, one at a time.
    • Keep “that are checked” in the drop down, and PDF file checked 
    • Only print it to PDF if it satisfies the conditions for admission requirements.
    • Hit “download PDF” after printing individual file.
    • Save as “Last Name, First Name App YEAR” all to one folder we can both view
    • Check off if you printed it on list
    • **make sure you remember to un-check the prior one before moving on to the next file. If the document title shows up as SYR_### instead of a name, then you accidently check off two applications at once.

This same procedure applies to when you are exporting the master spreadsheet of applications. You simply select export, as opposed to print. To export all at once, make sure they’re all selected.

Don’t forget to include a header row!

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