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 Graduate Application Process-Administrator/Department Cheat Sheet

  Contact your Information Coordinator and have them submit 2 FAST Requests. One for PeopleSoft and one for OnBase.


  • The PeopleSoft Access that should be requested is the Graduate Application Summary Panel. On Page 1-they should select PROD_PS9.2_Admissions_Connection. On Page 2-they should select SYR_AD_ADIGIN01.
  • The OnBase Access that should be requested for A&S is as follows. On Page 1-they should select PRD_ONBASE_ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT. On Page 2-they should select GR Reviewer and GR Reviewer A&S.
  • Once you are notified that your access has been approved please send Isabel Jimenez an email ( requesting a 2 hour training for PeopleSoft, OnBase and CollegeNET Admin).

 The Graduate Application is supplied through CollegeNET.


  • This is the link you would provide any prospects or publish on you’re A&S Website. It is currently on the Graduate Website as well.
  • Once you click the link you can go ahead and create a test application. But please remember that this is a live link and you cannot submit the application at the end. You will always have this test file to play around and I think it’s a great way to see how all of the other programs are using the application as well. By creating this test app you are actually seeing what the applicant sees.
  • Create a login with your email address and create a password. You will receive an email confirming your login and password.
  • Once you start your application please use ‘Just’ as your first name, ‘Your first name’ as the middle name and ‘Testing’ as the last name. By using this naming convention all areas will know that this is a test app and not a potential applicant.
  • Have fun and pretend to apply to any of the approx. 260 programs we have in Grad.
  • Annual Application Updates are typically requested from the Department and sent to the Processing Department (Isabel) every July/August so that the updates are ready and published live by October 15th.
  • The Graduate Program Instructions Page can be updated at any time throughout the year. Just send Isabel ( an email requesting the update and she can usually make the changes immediately and they will be live on the application as soon as they are completed.
  • The Program Specific questions can only be updated yearly.
  • The Application Uploads (Resume, Personal Statement, Essay, Writing Sample and Video questions can only be updated yearly.
  • Application Fees are automatically Waived for all Veterans, McNair and Fulbright Applicants.
  • If A&S would like to pay the Application Fee for an Applicant they can send me an email requesting a fee Waiver Code to provide the Applicant. This is billed quarterly to a standing ID.

There is also an Administrative tool in CollegeNET that allows you to see applications that are in-progress and or submitted to A&S. You can create reports, send emails and see all application materials with this tool. This is part of the training and Isabel will provide you with the link and password during the training session.

The Graduate Application is available 2 years out. We have a rolling admission.


  • Graduate Applications post daily (M-F) in PeopleSoft and OnBase. Day 1-is the day the application posts into PS. Day 2-is what we call a Data Quality Day and that evening overnight-if the file is complete-the ADF e-form (Admissions Decision Form) will generate in OnBase and the file will be ready for Review.

 During the Training you will also be shown all of the different ways to use OnBase and how to make Decisions and send them back to Processing.

The Graduate Enrollment Processing Department is a division of the Enrollment and the Student Experience her at Syracuse University. We report to Ryan Williams and Dolan Evanovich. We work closely with all of the Department across the campus to ensure that we are providing an incredible student experience for all students. We especially work very closely with the Graduate School, the Slutzker Center and Student Records.

The Graduate Enrollment Processing Department sends out some of the Official Notification Letters for A&S.            


  • Admit Letters for all International Applicants. These International Notifications get mailed out through the regular US Postal Service.
  •  International Applicants are required to prove their first full year of funding (Cost of Attendance) before we can issue the I20 Visa documentation. If at the time of the Admit decision we do not have enough financial proof we will Conditionally Admit the Applicant and send them an email requesting additional funding documentation. Once we receive the additional financials we will process the full admit.
  • If A&S is sending any decision notification emails to international applicants we always suggest that the wording is something like…Congratulations you have been recommended for Admission to the XXXXXX program. You will be receiving your official admission letter from the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management Processing Department.
  • A&S currently sends out Domestic Admit Letters all of the Award Letters. You will have to check with the Department on that process.
  • Letter jobs twice a week (usually Monday and Thursday).
  • International Letters do not go out until we receive the I20-Visa documentation from the Slutzker Center (usually takes a 2-5 days to get them in our office).
  •  Intent to Register emails are released every Tuesday and Friday. So an International Applicant has the opportunity to Matriculate before the actually receive their Admission Packet from DHL. It is delivered to all admitted applicants (Domestic and International). A&S does not charge an Advance Tuition Deposit.
  •  Deny Notifications are sent BY A&S.
  •  Conditional Notifications are sent through email twice a week (usually Monday and Thursday).


  • Defer for International and all Reactivate Notifications are sent through email twice a week by Processing (usually Tuesday and Friday). A&S notifies the Domestic Defers.
    • A Reactivate is when an applicant requests that we change the term that they originally applied to (within a year) to another term before a Decision was made. You can also request a Reactivate if you were Denied to a term and you wish to be considered for a future term (the Department typically requires additional documentation in this case).
    • If the file was complete and the ADF e-form is in OnBase, the Reactivate is submitted to Processing on the ADF e-form. If the file was not complete a Recativate e-form is created in OnBase and the request is sent to Processing.
    • A Defer is when an Applicant is Admitted or Matriculated for a term but then requests to Defer their Admission. This is an automatic Admit to the new term and the Awards (if any) will follow with the admission to the new term. A Defer e-form is created in OnBase and the request is sent to Processing.
  • Once an applicant submits their application through CollegeNET they receive a Thank You for applying email. Once we post the application in PeopleSoft the following morning we will send another application confirmation email. This email also contains instructions on how to create their Net ID and Password in MySlice.


  • Once an Applicant Matriculates the Matriculation confirmation email notification is sent twice a week. This email also contains the Degree Bearing Transcript requirement.



Access Requests needed:


  1. Onbase & CollegNet program access + training from grad admissions office will need to be requested for person managing this process.
  • Students apply to university grad programs via collegenet
  • OnBase is the official program application materials are stored and faculty are suppose review all app materials for each applicant through it


  1. “Phy-Grad Admissions” database access should be requested if it will be used for this admissions cycle. This is a database I set up for faculty to use for applicant comparison and discussion. It may take some training for filemaker pro for user to become proficient enough in back-end use to re-set database for new term. Tomasz Skwarnicki may be able to assist, if new employee can run reports in PeopleSoft, collegenet and/or OnBase to get him all the applicant data he needs. 

Tomasz Skwarnicki is best resource for questions on the whole admissions process. He has been the head of the admissions committee for many years.


Summary of the best sources for support:

  1. Any physics-specific admissions questions that are not addressed in Q&A
  2. Any questions about waiving application fees should be forwarded to him. The Graduate School’s official policy is we do waive fees, but he can respond to those inquiries (or potentially offer to “pre-evaluate” applications) if he feels the need is warranted.


  • Prof. Soderberg, Director of Graduate Studies:
  1. Questions about Physics PhD program in general


  • Graduate admissions office:; 315-443-4492 (Nancy – general line)
  1. Questions about how to submit applications (i.e., Questions about using application system)
  2. Questions about submitting reference letters or any other application materials
  3. Pat Condello is our specific contact for grad admissions support in their office, if it isn’t a general/broad question.


  • Questions related to visa/I20 support or revolving around international student admissions:
  1. Call the Slutzker Center (call 443-2457 and ask to speak with an advisor, in my experience the general email line can take a few days to hear back from but over the phone they are great – especially Cathy Mantor, and Mary Idzior).


  • Research Support questions: Point students in direction of faculty member and/or research group they are interested in (which is what they are advised to do in Q&A).




Info pages worth reviewing:

Research Areas (see bottom of home page)






General Email as an idea of what I’ve sent when students inquire about admissions:


Good morning,


Thank you for your inquiry about the SU Graduate Physics Program. Any application submitted for a doctorate in Physics will be considered for admission. We ask all applicants to submit scores for the GRE, Physics GRE, and TOEFL with your application. Good scores will enhance your application greatly, but there are no minimum scores required for any of the tests listed. If you are interested in applying for Fall 2019 admissions, the deadline for highest consideration will be January 14, 2020.


Should you apply decide to apply, you should include information about your research interests and experience in the personal statement and CV that you submit with your application. I also recommend you look through the research groups listed on our department’s website, and specifically mention groups and/or faculty members you’d be interested in working with (and why).


In addition, please note that every new student accepted to the graduate program within our department is offered some form of fellowship or graduate assistantship for at least their first year, except in very rare cases. You can submit your application without the proof of funding information. If you receive an admission offer from the Physics department, it would be coupled with either a fellowship or teaching assistantship offer that would automatically fulfill the funding requirement in the application.


For answers to more specific questions, & for further details about our admissions process and the graduate program, please review the following links:

Physics Admissions: Questions and Answers ***start here!

Application information page

Research Areas







Notes on Process/Timeline:

  • Students will progressively inquire more and more about program between October and January


  • The admissions “deadline for highest consideration” is Fall 19 is currently set to Jan 15, 2019 unless admissions committee adjusts it. Students are generally allowed to apply after that point, but their chances of admission will be smaller.


  • Faculty will want to start reviewing applications in mid-to-late February. Tomasz Skwarnicki should be consulted to determine how process will be managed and for official timeline.


  • Once faculty are ready to make offers, every admitted students should get the following in their admissions package:
  1. Admission cover offer
  • Domestic students: should include info on department admitted students Visiting Day, if it will still be offered. See attached domestic student sample email package from FALL 2018 admissions process.
  • International students: Info on SCIS needs to be included in admission letter. See attached international student sample email package from FALL 2018 admissions process.
  1. New TA offer. ***TEMPLATES FOR FALL 2019 must be received from Graduate Awards office before preparing offers for new TAs, and Dean’s office (Via Department Schiff) must provide TA salary numbers
  • New TAs receive 9 Fall, 9 Spring, 6 summer credits tuition
  • 20hours/wk TA assignment
  • Due date has to be APRIL 15. All programs have to honor this date.
  1. EVS list, for I-9 details
  2. GA handbook, again provided by Grad Awards Office


  • Applications for Fall 2019 admissions will be reviewed by the admissions committee between January – April. Applicant inquirers should be informed they should not expect to hear a response until between March 1st – April 30th.


  • If Visiting Day will be held, at least the date and hotel block should be reserved in advance for any admission offers. Ask committee if that is the plan and work with Yudaisy to make arrangements as needed before first meeting with committee. The rest of plans for visiting day can be made 1-2 weeks before event. See Fall 18 class attached Visiting Day schedule/planning folder for a sample of events typically held that may need to be arranged (working with Prof. Ballmer)


  • We do not accept applications for Spring semesters. We only admit students on Fall cycles, so if they chose to apply they must follow the instructions for Fall, 2019 admissions.


  • We do not offer “conditional admission.” If students want their application to be reviewed, they need to submit it through the standard application system, so their credentials can be compared with the rest of the applicant pool.


  • There is nothing different about the process for students who are looking to transfer from another institution. They need to apply through the standard application system, so their credentials can be compared with the rest of the applicant pool.


  • Departments CANNOT accept reference letters at the department level (email or hard-copy). They must be submitted via official means to the graduate admissions office.


  • The grad admissions committee prefers we tell applicants we do not pre-evaluate scores, since many students will lead with this in their initial inquiry. We only review scores in comparison with the rest of the applicant pool, after the admissions committee begins reviewing all applications in general in January. In cases where students are persistent, however, bring head of admissions committee into conversation to review.


  • If students cannot take their GRE/TOEFL/etc exams until after January 15, or if their scores will not be officially submitted until after Jan 15, they can still apply for Fall 2019 consideration if they’d like to. Their chances of admission will just be smaller without scores to compare, or until the scores can be submitted. But their credentials will still be reviewed in comparison with the rest of the applicant pool, and they should email as soon as their official scores are known to update their application.


  • If students want to reactivate an application from a prior term, you can do so via OnBase using “GR Reactivate (eform)”. They can only reactivate once, so it is allowed if they have only applied one time prior. Contact Pat Condello if you need assistance with this process. Inform admissions committee if people apply this way.
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