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  • Faculty should submit hotel requests with full name and dates to mailbox

  • Fill out the Direct Bill and submit to the hotel.

  • Direct bill form is saved on the server

  • The preference is to use Sheraton University Hotel. If there is not availability then discuss with supervisors and requestor other options (Genesee, Skyler, Parkview- form for this group is located on the administrative folder) or Crowne Plaza.

  • Fill out the form. (Guest last and first name, # of people in the room and beds (usually 1), arrival and departure dates, number of nights and below right the dates of the nights requested as confirmatio n. On the “Direct bill” section make sure only room and parking are marked unless otherwise directed by supervisors for the case of VIPs where meals might also be covered)

  • Scan/Email the form to Sheraton at or the (Skyler, Genesee Grande and Parkview) from

  • The response/confirmation can take anywhere from a few minutes to a full day. If there is no response after a full day, follow up

  • Once we have a response, forward to the requestor with a short note as confirmation.

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