This form is used to request reimbursement for an employee’s of out of pocket expenses related to University business. This form is not to be used to request reimbursement of travel expenses. It may be used to reimburse local mileage. Download the form from the The Office of the Comptroller's website


  •  Enter the SUID
  • Enter the employee name
  • Enter the campus address
  • Enter preparer’s name and phone number
  • Enter the date of purchase, place and business purpose on the corresponding line
  • Enter total amount on the corresponding line.
  • Receipt has to be itemized. Tip over 20% of the pre-tax amount is not reimbursable. If there is alcohol beverages included on the receipt and approval email was not provided, check with budget manager for approval.
  • Include the name of the participants and their affiliations.
  • Fill out chartstring
  • Write down supervisor on the corresponding line
  • No labels