Phone answering greeting/protocol: 

"Good morning or Good afternoon - physics department, (say your name) __________ speaking, how may I help you." 

*Be sure to get the caller’s name, company or organization affiliation and purpose for the call – Ex. ”May I ask what the call is in regard to?”

To transfer:

  •  Hit transfer, then 3 plus the 4 digit extension.
    • Ask the person if they would like to take the phone call. *Please be sure to get the name of the caller and nature of the call if possible. "can I ask what this is in regard to."
    • If yes, hit transfer again and caller will be on the line.
      • Greet the caller advising them that X person is now on the line. “have a good day” and reception can hang up so the two parties can continue the conversation.
    • If no, hang up your own phone, hit the green button on the reception phone with the blinking arrow (which means the caller is on hold) again and you will get the original caller on your line.
      • Take message include name, organization, SU Office, etc., purpose of the call the caller would like relayed. If needed depending on the request give the caller an email address to contact the person.

Office phone numbers:

Jennifer Ross - Department Chair - please take a message or put the person on hold and let Jenny know who is calling, nature of the call and ask if she is able to take the call if she is in the office. If out of the office take a message and send her an email with the details of the call/inquiry

Yudaisy Salomon Sargenton - Operations Specialist x5980.  A message can also be taken and email Yudaisy with the call information to return the call.

Juliette Rawda - Academic Coordinator - x3888. A message can also be taken and email Juliette  ( with the call information to return the call.

Patti Ford - Budget Manager - 315.729.5263 She will receive little to no calls on the main office line, but if so, take a message and email her with the details at

Sean Kelly - Budget Administrator - x1915. A message can be taken and email Sean (

Barbara Daley - x5960. A message can be taken and email Barbara (

Cassandra Ellis - Administrative Assistant II  x5129. If no answer, it will automatically go to voice mail and she will get an auto email with the call message details from the caller. 

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