Students that are enrolled in our Ph.D program are able to obtain their masters if they reach all of the requirements for the degree. The steps are as follows:

- Student fills out internal admit form (I have already pre-filled this out, the places that the student need to address are highlighted). 

-Once filled out, Chair’s signature is required by us. This form is then sent by us to Pat Condello at enrollment ( It might take some time to process, but once it is processed the student will see a drop down option for the Master of Science on their Degreeworks. Once they see this, they can print out their transcript. Graduate program director signs (at the top, anywhere in the blank space) and this is finally sent to The student will receive an email from her with confirmation and instructions on how to file their diploma request.

If the student wants to transfer out of the PhD program into the Master's program, you need to use a Program Transfer Form instead.

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