How to add a section of a course:

The path to reach this section is Curriculum Management→ Schedule of  Classes→ Maintain Schedule of  Classes

Select a course by filling out term, course abbreviation, and class number: 

Click the plus sign to add a new section of the course,  this can be found on the first tab or the lecture which is normally at the top:

Fill out necessary information

This class only had 14 sections previously, so the Class Section will be 15. Class sections are listed out as M001, M002, and so on, so we will set this as M015. 
It is important to note that the associated class has to reflect the lecture. This class only has one lecture,  which is session 1. So this recitation is associated with this session one. If there were two sessions of the lecture, then you would correspond the correct sections between the two.
Please note that the Instruction mode is O6, which is a hyrbid online course due to COVID-19. Normally, this would say P for in person instruction. Campus is always MAIN (MC) to reflect SU residential classes.

The lecture will always be non-enroll and lectures are listed as sections for the component. 

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