Microsoft Office Lens (smartphone scanning option)
Initial Set-up: Download the Microsoft Office Lens app from Google Play or the App Store (for Android and iOS). The app symbol looks like this:
Verify your Microsoft account (work or school) is updated from your desktop/laptop computer:

  1. Click the Start icon, bottom left of your monitor
  2. Scroll down to Settings
  3. Click Accounts
  4. Click Email & Accounts
  5. This should show your account at bottom of page. Click on it.
  6. Click on Manage button that pops up
  7. Click on Additional Security Verification
  8. You will be sent a verification code or asked to authenticate in some manner.

**Enter the code and click VERIFY

  1. Set/confirm your additional security verification !worddav5d48a39f679911193a3141df23b1122e.png|height=321,width=391!Check
    1. Authentication phone (your cell)
    2. Enter number
    3. Select how you want to authenticate
    4. Check office phone
    5. If your number is wrong you will need to contact desktop support
    6. You can also set up an alternate authentication phone
    7. Enter that number
    8. when complete make sure to click SAVE
  2. You should be all set, click the X in the upper right corner to close the window

Capturing your documents:

  1. From your phone, click on the Microsoft Office Lens app
  2. The first time through, click Allow Access, and click OK to allow access to the Camera and OK to access Photos

Your screen will appear as below prior to focusing on desired document(s):

  • Push button to take a picture after putting your document in the frame (5)
  • You can select different image types
  • Your current photos are displayed, but if you swipe down the small white line it will hide photos
  • There are some additional menu items and will also allow you to see your past files.
  1. Take picture of an image
    • Click Add New button if you need to scan additional images
    • If you are done, click DONE
    • If you need to delete image or make adjustments, you can use tools on top of screen
  2. Once you have clicked Done:
    • You can change the title name (this will become the file name). Tip: Talk to text works well
    • You have a wide variety of ways to save and share – recommendation for most would be click on the arrow by PDF

Save to One Drive

  1. First time users: It will prompt you for your Microsoft Account; password (which is your regular NetID password); and it may send you a verification code to your phone which you will have to enter
  2. You will see the image you exported to ONE DRIVE in the folder below.

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