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“Course Selection Period”  

  1. Log in to using the passcode Patrick provides to you.


  1. This is where you will select which classes you need to evaluate. Ignore “view my forms” and click on the top button
    1. Using department long schedule, you need to click on the forms to evaluate instructors and/or TAs in:

                                                               i.      AST 101 – instructor one form, TAs another

                                                             ii.      PHY 101– instructor one form, TAs another

                                                           iii.      PHY 211 – instructor one form, TAs another

                                                           iv.      PHY 212 – instructor one form, TAs another

                                                             v.      PHY 221, 222 – just the TA form


So, in the “select form” screen, start with the first page on the long schedule which is PHY 101. The first class listed is PHY 101, section M001, which is an instructor – so you need to click the relevant form: check the bullet in the OIRA screen in front of the “AST101/PHY101 Prof Evaluation” and click “Select classes to evaluate with this form”


The Prefix for the class in question currently is PHY, so put that in the drop down and click the button to continue.


The list of all classes that start with PHY will be displayed. You only care about using the particular form we just selected for PHY 101, section M001, with Instructor Schwarz. So, only check the box next to that and ignore everything else in the list (for now). Scroll to the bottom and click “evaluate these courses using this form”


Make sure the thing you have selected is correct for the form you selected. If it is, then you can move on to the next section you need to add by clicking “yes, using another form.” (hopefully this is intuitive given the prompts that pop up)


Then, return to the long schedule and check off you completed PHY 101, M001.


Move on to the next group of sections to evaluate, which in this case is PHY 101, sections M002-M016. All of these need to use the PHY 101 TA form, so check the box for that in OIRA and push the button to move on to the next screen.


Again, enter PHY in the drop down


Now, check boxes next to all of the sections noted on the long schedule: M002-M016, and verify the TA’s names match what is listed in the long schedule. Again, check the button on the bottom to proceed to the next screen, and if everything looks good then click “yes, using another form” and move on to the next class.


Continue this process for every labelled class & section in the long schedule, using the appropriate form I’ve listed for you there.

    1. Be careful to select the Instructor (“Prof”) version of the form where it is needed, and the TA version of the form where its needed
    2. Note that for PHY 215 & PHY 216, the instructor section (M001) will receive the paper/departmental form of the evaluation so you will NOT enter this class in OIRA.  BUT, the TA (M002) WILL be evaluated in OIRA using the same form as the PHY 211/212 TAs.
    3. Do not evaluate any of the upper-level (PHY 250+) courses in OIRA. All of these classes will be evaluated using the paper/departmental form instead.
    4. Note that AST 101 is on the last page, and every section in this list needs to be evaluated using the “AST101/PHY101” forms for Prof (M001-M002) or TA (M003-M031) as listed on the sheet. When you search for these classes in the drop down, realize the prefix in this case will be AST, not PHY.


Once you’ve entered in the last class, you will click “no, I’m done adding classes”

 The next screen will list every class you told OIRA to evaluate, and the form you told it to use to evaluate them with. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS SCREEN.

    1. If you see any errors in the form you selected, or if you are missing classes, you will need to click “add more classes” and go back and adjust as needed.
    2. If everything listed matches the long schedule, you are done with the stage!





“CLC Stage”

This stage is where Patrick will email you a spreadsheet of all of the classes you selected, alphabetized by instructor/TA, and you need to group things accordingly.


In general, you list them in number order, where all of the forms for the first person will be labelled with a “1”, all of the forms for the next person will be labelled with a “2”, and so on and so forth. This tells OIRA to group these results into one document, to give TA’s and instructors feedback.

 Exceptions to the rule listed in #2:

Instructors who teach TWO large lectures for the same class should get a separate number for each lecture section. See sample, highlighted in yellow.

In fall semester, the classes this impacts are PHY 212 (two lectures) and AST 101 (Prof. Freeman teaches two lectures). In each case, one number should be assigned to section M001 and another number should be assigned to M002 so the faculty gets the feedback results in two separate reports.

TAs who teach in two separate courses should get a separate report for each course they teach

 Once you complete the spreadsheet, just email it back to Patrick, and that’s the end of CLC stage. Note: you may only have one week from the time she sends it to you to turn around the results back to her. Filling in the whole document won’t take more than 20 or so minutes, in general, though.



“Opening Day” stage + student evaluation period


  1. Patrick may send you a flier a few days before the students can begin to leave feedback in the system with notes. Follow the notes she gives you. She may ask you to print & distribute a flier, or email all of the instructors/TAs with specific info, etc.




  1. On opening day or the last work day before, send an email to the INSTRUCTORS through the OIRA system to inform them that the evaluation period for students has begun and or/will begin.
    1. Entering an email in the system: click “send faculty e-mail”

                                                               i.      Always click “email all instructors” --- IGNORE the “response rate” and “find these instructors” parts

                                                             ii.      The next screen lists everyone you will email. Leave them ALL checked. Scroll to the bottom where you can add the email into the template. It will offer statements at the bottom to include – UNCHECK them ALL. You should enter in the box (filling in missing blanks):

On XXX, we will launch this semester’s online evaluations for our large courses. Your students will receive an email inviting them to submit their evaluations. Please, in your next class, alert your students to expect this email & encourage them to participate.


A suggestion is that you set aside 10 minutes in your lecture or section and tell the students to access their evaluations on their phone/laptop/tablet – this will drastically increase your response rate. We also recommend you pick a day to distribute it in which your class has a quiz or other activity which would encourage maximum attendance, to get as high a response rate possible.


Make sure that your students know that their evaluations are completely confidential. Students should also be told how valuable their evaluations are. If you can explain how you have used your prior evaluations to improve your teaching, it will make a big impression on them. The anonymous comments are read by the department chair as well as the instructors.


If any students can’t find the email that was sent, they should open the link


Best regards,

xX Chair Name Xx                            




 On opening day, send an email to the STUDENTS through the OIRA system to inform them that the evaluation period has begun.

    1. Subject:  PHY/AST Online Course Evaluation
    2. Body Text:



Dear Physics & Astronomy Students,


This is just a reminder that it is time for you to assess the instruction in your Physics or Astronomy course(s).


You anonymous evaluations will be reviewed by the instructor and the Physics Department Chair, in order to improve our teaching. Your feedback is very important.


**Please note: these email reminders will be discontinued once an evaluation has been received.




Thank you very much for your participation in this important process. We appreciate your time and thoughtful feedback.


Best regards,

xX Chair Name Xx




**a recommend including a note along the lines of “you will continue to receive these emails until your survey is completed” because otherwise students will complain that you keep “spamming” them. But, if you have that line they understand how to make the emails stop and the ball is in their court!

**Note1: OIRA saves your email templates for you so you can repeat this over and over every other day without having to re-enter the email in.

**Note2: the email takes several minutes to go out, since it is being sent to thousands of students. After you hit send, DO NOT hit send again if nothing happens. Wait several minutes for the confirmation screen to come up, and if it never comes up CALL Patrick before hitting send again.



OIRA recommends sending students reminders every other day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for the duration of the time evaluations are available to them. Patrick will give you dates and reminders for when this email should go out. You can re-use the template you entered in on the first day each time --- you do NOT need to retype it in.



 On the morning before the LAST day that students have access to the OIRA rating system, email all students via the OIRA program one last time to inform them that it is their last chance to submit feedback before the surveys will close for submission. Please just use the same template as above, but just adjust it slightly so they know it is their final chance to submit feedback.


After that, OIRA will take it from there and they will post results on myslice for us to distribute to the instructors & TAs once their data analysis portion is complete.

  • Distributing OIRA results:
    • Save all of the results form Myslice into G:\AS\phy\Office (public)\Assessment
    • Email Eric, Simon to tell them they are all saved there. Then ask them when they would like them distributed to the faculty.
    • Once they confirm, then email PDF copies to all of the head instructors (as listed in the long schedule).
    • The TAs, on the other hand, get (1) print copy each, delivered to their department mailboxes.


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