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Open OnBase. Click on far right magnifying glass on the toolbar:

Select GR-Reviewer by ADF (Non WF)

Select Admit Term and AcadProgram:

Academic Program will always be PH25D for Physics. Admit term will vary.

Double click on the application you’d like to accept or reject:

Select program action:

Hit save.
(Domestic example)

(International example)
For international admits, be sure to include the salary and the tuition credits being offered. This is necessary for their paperwork to prove funding.
English proficiency must be determined)

Hit add to the comment and save the application as you typically would.

Once you hit save, submit the application to the Enrollment’s workflow. Right click on the application that you made a decision for, and go to Workflow → Execute Workflow.

Hit yes to add document to work flow. NOTE: if you are highlighting and submitting multiple application at once, click apply all before hitting yes. This will save you some time.

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