Pre-approval of Orders

Before you send your orders to , they MUST be pre-approved by the professor/PI (if you are not the PI). When the order is received, it is assumed approved (the professors/PI manage and track their own funds, so they need to be kept in the loop at all times unless you are directed otherwise).


Also make sure you check stock and availability before submitting order.


Email Ordering Instructions


See "New Ordering Template" below for sample.   In subject please indicate the f


New Ordering Template 2011.xls

Returns or Repairs of Products Ordered via PO# or Pro Card (including Standing Orders):


You are welcome to call vendors on your own and make arrangements and get RMA # when applicable or the Department staff can do it for you. Please inform the staff up front pertaining to the specifics of all returns and repairs. This way proper procedures for all returns can be followed. For example, if the PO # is still active, additional charges/changes can be made against the current/existing PO (Purchasing can then also assist with returns). With Pro Card orders, inform the staff of proper credit and pay for repairs if charged.

With all orders, if charges are incurred, please be sure to find out how vendor prefers to do business pertaining to a return (restock fees) or a repair. For example, would they prefer PO # up front or would they send an invoice post repair, etc. If repair is under $1,000.00, would they take a Pro Card (aka: Visa)?

Shipment of Returns:

Requests must be email to by 1:30 p.m. or earlier for shipment out that day. UPS/Fed Ex requires at least hour leeway and the shipping labels need to be prepared.  Note that we have a regularly scheduled afternoon UPS pickup.

Please send an email to on all shipments before bringing the package so she can better prepared to expedite it for you.

Information needed:

  • reason for return;

  • RMA# (if applicable). If not, please provide an email showing vendor has agreed to the item being returned and reimburse us.

  • charge project #
  • other pertinent information for shipping label such as contact person, address, phone number, how you want it shipped, approximate weight and dimensions of package and what is being shipped and reason for repair (estimated cost of repair if known would also be great to know up front). Do you need it insurance on package, if so, how much?


Standing Orders: 

In general, you place the initial order against the existing PO# (that is currently active for this fiscal year). Should any problems occur with your order, please be sure to notify us by emailing .  Invoices are involved so it’s important that the lines of communication stay open so that proper payment is made and/or corrected or credited. If it’s a problem with a gas (hazard) Lou and EHO may need to be involved as well. Emailing the staff upfront this information up front is best and preferable with all returns. Again, please provide the details stated above.


Coding Orders: 

For all orders, in general, we need to know what the product is for (usage) (Lab Supply; Chemical; Hardware, Software, Workstation, Fabricated Equipment –need to know name of Fabricated Equipment, etc.). The order needs to charged properly for accounting purposes. Sometimes, the order is unclear - what it is or what it is for. The more information – the better!


Rush Orders: 

PLEASE NOTE THAT IT’S BEST TO GIVE  request RUSH ORDERS IN THE MORNING SO THEY CAN BE EXPEDITED FASTER. (Any orders given received in the afternoon may not get processed until the next work day). Also please provide a justification for the rush request to be approved by the Operations manager


Multiple Orders:

 Please separate the order using separate worksheets. It’s confusing if orders are all on one sheet. For example: name one worksheet FISHER the other VWR, etc. (This is where Vendor 1, 2, etc. are listed. Right click on sheet and rename – then click on that worksheet and type in pertinent information.)



When obtaining quotes (a good idea - especially on larger dollar amount orders or multiple line items), please attach quotes when applicable with corresponding order(s) via email or submit hard copy of quote if faxed to you.



Please indicate how you want the order shipped. For example: Overnight, 2nd or 3rd, day or Ground (aka: best or cheapest way). Our primary shipper is UPS. The vendor will be given our UPS account number ONLY when it’s a RUSH to save $$$ on shipping. It is not done with every order. Depending on the order, sometimes it’s best to have the vendor ship it the best way from their end –especially if it’s hazardous material or a bulky and heavy shipment.


New Vendors: 

Provide contact information on new vendors including address/phone number and contact person when applicable. Also it’s best to find out how they do business. For example, do they take PO’s or Credit Cards? This will save time when placing orders. Surprisingly, some vendors are difficult to place orders with (if SU doesn’t have an account setup with them) so Purchasing gets involved.


Charge Numbers:


Be sure to indicate how the order is charged as some professors/PI’s have several accounts in place.


Types of forms used for Ordering Processing:


Requisitions (external vendors):

External orders are placed using Requisitions that are approved by Patti Ford or professor/PI then forwarded to the Purchasing Dept. via Campus Mail (unless it’s a RUSH order – it is then faxed).

Any order over $1000 and/or if chemical products must be done on Requisitions. Any orders totaling over $1500 and if FIRM on a vendor, generally need an explanation (few sentences or more if necessary to make your case). Otherwise, Purchasing could quote it out and delay the order.

Procurement Card (aka: Pro Card):

A Procurement Card is used for non-chemical orders less than $1,000 and/or for general RUSH orders. The departmental budget for Pro Card orders is limited to $15,000/month so the staff member card holder uses her/his discretion on when to use the Pro Card.

Internal SU Orders (aka: ID’s) (Bookstore), etc.:

An Internal Department Order Form (aka: “ID”) is used for Internal SU Orders to the SU Bookstore or SU departments for services that need to be paid, etc.. We also have SU Central Stores for misc. office supplies as well as Corporate Express. 

Employee Reimbursement when shopping on your own:

We can also reimburse you for any orders you buy on your own when necessary but it’s is advised to get permission from your professor/adviser and get a copy of our Tax Exempt form. Tax is not reimbursable (SU is tax exempt). This is generally done only when you have emergency needs and cannot wait for “normal” processing. Receipts will need to be submitted with request and you will not be reimbursed on sales tax. An expense voucher will need to be typed and signed by you then approved by supervisor.

Current Purchasing Policy is here



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