eProcument purchasing steps

eProcurement To place an order login to your Myslice. On the Administrative Applications section – People Soft, click on Financial/Supply Chain. The first time you will be asked to set up a duo factor authentication. After the first time, follow your prompts to get access the eprocurement. Click on Main Menu, Eprocurement, Requisition.

From there follow the instructions on the purchasing site to place a supplier direct connect epro order or a special request.

Logging and filing

Print epro as a PDF, email to the phyadmin@syr.edu folder with the title ‘logging-epro#-name and vendor’ for logging purposes.

Procard purchasing steps

If items are requested from sites other than the current preferred vendors, contact purchasing to request permission to purchase with procard. Follow purchasing instructions.

With purchasing approval login on the website using our login and passwords, (file located on the server). Make sure to use only your procurement card and not the one saved on the website (if applicable). All receipts should go to the phyadmin@syr.edu and saved on the corresponding JPMC folder. Create a subfolder with your name if necessary and place it there.

Amazon Tax Exempt Accounts

Each Employee will need to set up an amazon account and request to be added to the Group or you can use the link here to be added to the group https://www.amazon.com/ab/invitations/accept/2021162wEMJ3MHiS4-Pk52QenAHzg?ref_=b2b_eam_inv_lnk

Vending Services

To purchase department stockroom supplies go to http://foodservices.syr.edu/vending-2/ocs-order-form/

Fill out the form

Use the phyadmin@syr.edu email address

Our customer number can be found on the server password folder.

Account Codes, MyCodes and Project numbers

Find the appropriate account number, mycodes or project number when purchasing or reconciling,  on our Microsoft Teams folders for Physics Accounts Code Reference log and Physics Financial sheet.

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