AST 101



PHY 102





PHY 211


PHY 221 + Calc I in any form

PHY 221


PHY 211

PHY 215

None [But must be Honor's student or Physics Major]

PHY 221 + Calc I in any form



PHY 212

PHY 211+PHY221  (or PHY 211+221 equiv transfer credit)

PHY 222 + Calc II in any form

PHY 222

PHY 211+ PHY 221

PHY 212

PHY 216

PHY 211 or 215, and PHY 221
[And must be Honor's student or Physics Major]

PHY 222 + Calc II in any form





To check a student’s current class schedule:

Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment à Enrollment Summaries à SYR Student Schedule Inquiry

                *Type SUID and/or Last Name plus First Name

*Term = 1191 

*list of term codes: http://cf-util.syr.edu//data-admin/data-warehouse/Term.pdf





To check transcripts for their academic history (may need to, in order to verify requisites being met)

Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment à Transcripts à SYR Advising Transcript Rqst

*Click “Add a New Value”

*Enter in SUID

*Click “Produce Transcripts” in upper right

[my computer needs to be in firebox for this to work]





To check transfer credit history:

                Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment àTransfer Credit Evaluation

*Scroll through bottom box, the “Equivalent Course” side should list what the students claim they’ve earned.

*If not, it either hasn’t been processed yet (or it wasn’t an equivalent). Ask them to bring a copy of the approved transfer credit petition and you can over-ride requisites once you see it. Or, they need to get instructor permission to join the course without a requisite.



To check a student’s major (to see if Physics, for PHY 215 or 216):

Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment à Career and Program information à Student Program/Plan

                *Enter in SUID

                *If multiple programs come up, click through until you find the one that is “active” under status

*Click on “Student Plan” Tab, then bottom half of box shows major. You may need to scroll right to see all of their majors





To check to see if they are in honor’s program, for PHY 215 & 216

Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment à Career and Program information à Student Groups

                *Enter in SUID

*Scroll right until you see HNRC (Renee Crown Honor’s Program) as a group – if not listed, they are not in Honor’s program.





To override enrollment error messages (Class Permissions):

Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment à Term Processing à Class Permissions à Class Permissions

*Term = 1191

*Enter in subject area (PHY or AST) and number (104, 211, 216, etc.)

*Click left/right arrow in top bar until the correct section (M00X number) shows up

                *To enter in overrides…

  • General Info tab: Enter in SUID for section (not lecture) you are approving enrollment into.
    •  If needed, hit “+” on right side of “expiration date” to add a new record
  • Permission tab: Never check “career restriction” or “permission time period” ---we do NOT have authority to override these at the department level. Only check the minimum for what you are approving so the student isn’t pushed in for a reason you may have missed on first pass.
    • For instance, if you approve them entering a closed class (or approve them enrolling in PHY 215 or 216 without being a major or honors student) JUST check “closed class.” Otherwise, Myslice won’t catch that they may have also missed a necessary pre-req for the course
    • Requisites tab is all inclusive. If you approve overriding any single requisite for the course, you are essentially approving them all. So, if you check this for PHY 212, you are not only approving overriding a Calc II requirement but also the Physics I requirement.
  • Comments tab: Always write the kind of approval given, why, and if needed, WHO approved it (Director of Ugrad students,  course instructor, etc.)







Troubleshooting Error Messages:


Enrollment request screen, to check the error messages they’ve received:

Campus Solutions/Student Admin à Main Menu à Records and Enrollment à Enroll Students à Enrollment Request

*1st click “find an existing value”

*search by SUID

*the last ones are the most recent



Error messages:


(1)    Error message = Time Conflict

  1. Check their current schedule. Look for a time conflict with both the LECTURE and LAB/RECITATION component. Usually, the lecture is the harder culprit to see since students tend to focus on the lab/recitation times they pick.
  2. **You cannot over-ride a time conflict** the registrar took away the capacity recently

                                                               i.      If the lab/recitation time is the issue, tell them they need to pick a different lab/recitation time (or help them find one that works).

                                                             ii.      If the LECTURE is the issue, they will have to either have to:

  1. select the other lecture time, if there is a second one available, or
  2. they will need to choose between the PHY/AST course they are trying to enroll into, and the one that conflicts with it.



(2)    Error message = closed section

  1. Either the lab/recitation or lecture is closed.
  2. If it is the lecture that is closed, we cannot approve overriding closed lectures for any large-lecture class where capacity is already at 300 since it is the lecture room capacity (Stolkin). For other courses, ask instructors before adding more seats to lecture or overriding the error message. AND, if you do add seats to a lecture, you must also add the same number across other recitations/labs to keep enrollment in the course balanced (one can’t add lecture unless they also add an enrollment section of lab or recitation)
  3. **MORE LIKELY: they are trying to enroll in a closed lab/recitation section. I always tell students we will not override/approve enrollment into a closed section unless none of the open options work in their schedules. If they say they have a conflict that you can’t view in MySlice, I always ask them to verify it (they can show you a copy of a work schedule, club schedule, sports practice schedule, etc).

                                                               i.      **Nine times out of ten, you’ll find students just admit they just didn’t want the Friday 8am section (etc.) if you ask them to provide a document showing the conflict

                                                             ii.      Look to see if there is another section offered at the same time. That is often the easiest fix. For instance, in Fall there are several PHY 212 offerings with the 10:35 section time.

                                                           iii.      If you approve them enrolling in a closed section, you need to use the Class Permissions page (see above). Some exceptions:

  1. AST 104 labs CANNOT exceed an enrollment of 21 since there are literally only 21 seats in the room
  2. Never go more than 1-2 seats over the capacity it is already set at – check the room cap first too before approving it to make sure they can actually fit. (see the “long schedule” for capacity information)

                                                           iv.      I suggest you do not maintain waitlists until there is a staff member who can devote time to developing a process for it, since it can be quite complicated.

                                                             v.      TAs cannot approve over-enrolling lectures or recitation caps. Only faculty have this authority.


(3)    Error message = Course requisites not met

  1. First, review their records (schedule, transcript, transfer credit history, depending upon how they said they met the requisites) to make sure all co-reqs and prereqs have indeed been met.      

                                                               i.      If not – do not approve/override. Student must get permission from instructor (NOT TA!!) to add course. Give student the instructor’s contact info and tell them they must explain the situation to them and then have the instructor email you if they approve, or students can show you a copy of the email where the instructor has approved. Only then should you over-ride the requisite.

                                                             ii.      If they HAVE met all of the requisites, the issue is often a hard-to-see time conflict with the lecture and/or lab/recitation or else a hidden closed section error message.




(4)    Error message: “Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements”

  1. This should only happen in PHY 215 or PHY 216. Students must be either a Physics Major/minor or an honor’s student to get into PHY 215 or PHY 216.
  2. See above for how to check if they are in one of these two groups.
  3. If they are, you can override if need be. Override only “closed” status, NOT requisites, to allow in someone being bounced out for PHY major or Honors that shouldn’t be bounced out.
  4. If they are NOT in one of these two groups, student must ask instructor for permission to enroll in honor’s course before you can override to let them in.




(5)    Error message = multiple or illogical for situation

  1. Generally means they have confused MySlice by doing too many wrong things at once. They may have like 15 classes in their cart at once, generating many time conflicts across the board. They may have multiple PHY sections for the same class at once, which will auto bounce all of them since it is “duplicate transaction.” They may not be meeting the requisites for the class while simultaneously having other errors.
  2. In these cases, to troubleshoot I always advise them to clear their cart completely and re-add only the exact PHY sections they want to their cart. Then, if you still get an error message you can troubleshoot/focus in on the specific issue at hand. I tell them I am not able to assist them unless they do this – I’ll offer to print current cart for them if they have a complaint about knowing all of their other classes, etc.






  • Instructors for each class directly – if a student wants permission to join a closed class, or a class they do not me the requisites for.
  • Giovanna Albaroni (gealbaro@syr.edu)
    • If you are trying to get a student into a class and your overrides aren’t working, you can call her as well. She can help you troubleshoot.
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