Statement from Syracuse University

Syracuse University will provide authorized employees with a credit card at the University’s expense to purchase selected goods and materials and/or University business travel expenses.

The credit cards have one of three different strategies: a procurement card, a travel card, or a dual procurement and travel card. The procurement card may be used to purchase supplies, retail items, and small dollar purchases and has a $1,000 per transaction spending limit. The travel card may be used for transportation, hotels, meals, and conference registrations with a $9,999 per transaction spending limit. The dual card may be used for all of the above and has the spending limits as stated above when purchasing the identified commodities allowed within each of the two strategies. The same credit card will be issued for all three strategies and will include the Syracuse University New York State sales tax exemption number. The proper name of the individual will be embossed on the credit card along with “Syracuse University”.

Physics regular, full-time staff and faculty may request an SU Business Credit Card with approval of the Department Chair and College of Arts & Sciences.

Physics Postdoctoral Researchers and (occasionally) Graduate Assistants may request an SU Business Credit Card with approval of the faculty member funding their salary, the Department Chair, and the College of Arts and Sciences.  

To request a card through the Department of Physics:

  1. Read the credit card policy at:
  2. Please particularly note the credit-card limits and purchasing restrictions (including preferred vendor requirements) on the purchasing web site, especially with respect to tax, hazardous materials, per-item dollar limits, etc.  See
  3. If you agree to the terms and conditions, complete all portions of the Acceptance Statement (through "Default Chart String" line) at  (Contact Budget Manager if default chartstring guidance is needed) 
  4. Sign the form and forward (email, mailbox, or drop-off) to Physics Department Budget Manager at 
  5. The Budget Manager will obtain further approvals as needed and submit to the College for review.
  6. Should the College approve, they will submit the form to JPMC SU Credit Card Administration for processing.  

In certain circumstances (e.g., sole-source, immediate need), per-item or monthly limits may be increased temporarily. Requests with justification, estimated amount(s), and planned funding source should be sent to: 

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