Graduate Student Research Oral Exams:

o   NOTE: This is NOT their oral defense, right before they graduate. This is their research oral exam, completed approx. their third year of study.

o   Grad students need to just give this form to their exam committee for completion after their exam. The committee fills out the whole thing and signs all the lines they need.

o   If the Director of Graduate Studies did not already sign the bottom line when it is turned in, you need to first solicit a signature from them.

o   Once they have signed it, make a copy for their academic file and then email it to the Graduate School,, with a note on top advising them to please enter the milestone in as “Qualifying Exam II”

o   NOTE once this is turned in, into the database for department records. Technically the faculty member who signs off on the research oral should be considered their advisor going forward. This is when we usually add the advisor to the student’s record in MySlice as well. Training is needed from RO,  but phy dept staff add grad advisors, not home colleges like ugrads. Once advisor is listed in MySlice they can view the student record info themselves. 

Research Oral Exam Form

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