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Facts and Figures


  • There will be three tents available for academic use. They are labeled A, C and D in the attached map. Tent A will be divided into four subareas. Tents C and D will be divided into three subareas.
  • The tents will be in use by the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs for opening week, August 17-23. They will be available for academic use starting on August 24th. We anticipate removing them on or around Friday, October 16th.
  • The four spaces in Tent A will be able to accommodate 32 students with social distancing. The six spaces in Tents C and D will be able to accommodate 26 students.
  • The tents are available for academic use from 8:00 AM to 5:15 PM Monday through Friday. They are available for non-academic uses after 5:15 PM on weekdays and all day Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The tents will be open on all sides and will be outfitted with the appropriate number of chairs. There will not be access to electricity or audio-visual equipment. The subareas will be divided by a curtain.


Policies and Procedures


  • The tent spaces will be managed by the Office of the Registrar using the 25Live classroom management system. A guide with instructions on how to reserve the tent spaces is attached to this message.
  • The tent spaces can be reserved by class schedulers or individual faculty. It is our preference that class schedulers make these reservations so that departments know where their courses are being taught at any given time. However, requests from individual faculty will be accepted and processed.
  • We ask faculty to limit their requests to one class session per week per course to maximize the number of classes that can take advantage of this resource. This policy may be relaxed if use of the tents wanes.
  • Because the tents are open and divided by a fabric curtain, amplification of audio will not be permitted.

 How to Scheduled Tents

How to Schedule Tents Document.docx

Academic Tents Fall 2020 Map

 Academic Tents Fall 2020.pdf

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